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Ernie Ball Acoustic Guitar - Earthwood, Medium Light, .012 - .054, 2003

Ernie Ball Acoustic Guitar - Earthwood, Medium Light, .012 - .054, 2003
Ernie Ball
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By george l.
earthwood medium light
November 5, 2016
excellent sounding strings that bring out the best in my Bourgeois d-150.The strings are a bit stiff but have quite an impressive bass and nice snappy mid and highs.
By jimbo d.
earthwood medium lights
May 19, 2016
I have to agree these are by far the "best ever", I've tried Martin,Guild, Pearse, Elixir, and truly nothing sounds better. Warm and rich with a twang of their own, Elixir may outlast but only because of the coating. I used Ernies years ago and must say I'm glad to be back. Great on my vintage Guild D-50 and D-55.
By Mark
Earthwood - Medium Light .012 - .054
September 28, 2015
Great light warm stirngs - easy on the hand, warm sound......
By Dorthy
April 17, 2011
Great, warm sound. Absolutely recommend these to any player!
By J E.
Balls Are Best
October 19, 2010
There's a reason Ernie Ball's slogan is 'Balls Are Best'

I bought these ones specifically to give my Acoustics a Jimmy Page sound.

I love Ernie Balls for their sound, playability and price.
By Bob J.
Ernie Ball Earthwoods med.light
September 23, 2010
I love the Earthwood strings. I use them on my 1963 D-18 and also my Blueridge Gospel model guitars. In my opinion these are the best guitar strings on the market. Great tone and lasting quality!
I also use the lights on my 1979 Stelling Super Star 5 string banjo and these are my absolute favorite strings for either instrument. I am very impressed with Juststrings also. Friendly and prompt service and the price is right. Thank you very much! Happy Pickin'! Bob Jones
By Joe M.
Ernie Ball Earthwood
March 23, 2010
I just bought 10 packs of these babies 2 weeks ago. These are GREAT strings, they really ring. And, I don't recall ever having strings that stay in tune like these. Last week was St.Patrick's Day and I played many hours over a few day period, these strings kept that new sound the entire time and I don't believe I had to re-tune at all. These are my strings!
By Nathan
February 5, 2010
Great selection, real person assistance on the phone, best prices, and a quick delivery. Bravo.
By marc n.
ernie ball earthwood acoustic med lights
August 14, 2009
These strings have way more overtones than any others I have used. They sound very full, metalic, and clangy - especially when strummed - almost sounds like two guitars. Play a chord, keep your fingers in place and let the strings ring until they naturally fade. As the volume declines, you can hear many high notes that you haven't played - at least that's the case on my Guild D-35 (1976).

I consider myself a singer who accompanies himself on guitar. As a solo performer, I love the large overtone-rich sound. It sounds like so much is going on at once. When performing where not-everyone can see me (large outdoor events, street fairs, etc), people will pass by and ask where the other musicians in my band are.

NOTE: EW "med-lights" are comparable in gauge to other brands "lights". If you usually use light gauge strings, you need to buy EW med-lights. Most stores only carry the lights so, I order the sets by the dozen.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

80/20 Bronze Wound



4th E

80/20 Bronze Wound



5th A

80/20 Bronze Wound



6th E

80/20 Bronze Wound




Plain String

"Plain strings sound the higher pitch notes. Plain string is unwound. Made of specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel, but its shape is round, not hex. Used on electric and acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins -- not classic guitars. One end has a brass grommet, called a ball, which is secured by a special lock twist. The ball is for attaching the string to an instrument.

Acoustic Guitar - Earthwood Bronze

Wound strings are wrapped with an alloy of 80% copper and 20% zinc wire. The most popular acoustic string, providing a crisp, ringing sound, with pleasing overtones.

Core Wire

Core wire is the center of a wound string. It is of specially tempered high carbon steel. The crosscut end view reveals a shape that is not round, but hex shaped. The points of the hex shape help hold the wrap wire securely in place. Hex core wire is used for the wound strings of both electric and acoustic guitars, banjos, and mandolins - but not classic guitars."

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