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D'Addario Ear Plugs
When they tell you that you’ve got a great ear, let’s keep it that way! Protect your ears with ear plugs that are up to the job. The lifeblood of your business is sound that comes bellowing out of 4-foot speakers, and you need to take care of those precious auditory instruments on the sides of your head. The average club show puts out 106 decibels, which is safe on your ears for only 4 minutes; after that time you are putting yourself at risk for temporary or permanent hearing loss. Another stat you may find interesting: sixty percent of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees have some form of hearing loss. A fair tradeoff? Maybe, but why put yourself at risk. There are safe ways to protect your ears without sacrificing listening pleasure and music making sound quality. As the lead guitarist practicing with the boys in the garage, or an otherwise just-starting-out musician, you may not want to spend big money on custom ear plugs. JustStrings.com offers alternatives at a great price that will do the job. Our Hearos and D'Addario/Planet Waves foam ear plugs are rated 29-32 decibels (db), which is more than enough to knock down most any music exposure to a safe level. Remember, you don’t need or want complete silence with your ear plugs, just a reduction of sound to the safe range. To give you an idea of what a 32 db reduction means, consider standing next to a jackhammer at 110 db. Your unprotected ears are safe there for less than 2 minutes. With foam ear plugs, the decibel level decreases to 78, where you are safe even with more than 8 hours of exposure. We also offer the advanced Pacato ear plug from D'Addario/Planet Waves. Click through to check that one out. Whichever ear plug you choose, JustStrings.com has fantastic prices and great customer service.
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