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Dunlop Electric Guitar Heavy Core Nickel Plated Steel, .010 - .048, DHCN1048

Dunlop Electric Guitar Heavy Core Nickel Plated Steel, .010 - .048, DHCN1048
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Left Coast
February 25, 2021
I've used Dunlops for years because a lot of rock-a-billy guys use them. They sound good they last along time and there cheap. These are the lightest strings I like to use on my Gretsch 6120 with a Bigsby. Oh..... and Just Strings is great!
Everything> Packs use to come with stickers. Oh well.....
By Indian J.
Ramona, SoCal
Great Growl!
November 8, 2019
I use these on a Carvin Bolt, swamp ash body, maple neck, bird's eye maple fretboard, the makings of a guitar with lots of tone flavours, and these Dunlop strings bring it out. I do a lot of drop-D so the large 6th string resonates well in that tuning. Single note passages on the big strings sound like gnarly 20 foot waves on my surf instrumentals, and lead lines on the little strings bite & growl! Love 'em!!
Consistent pack to pack, tune well & stay there, strong tone, suit my guitar perfectly for what I need. None.
By EddieB
Not just for heavy rock and downtuners
June 28, 2016
I don't play real heavy rock and definitely don't downtune, but have been making my own hybrid sets with a little heavier low strings because it just feels more right to me to have less "give" on the wound strings.
These strings just happen to match the exact custom gauge I was making, so gave them a shot. They are great. They are even stiffer than my equivalents on the wound strings, but not too much. What I noticed though is they ring out longer on chords. So even if you play clean most of the time and use standard tuning these really sound great.
By AGrindX3
Thrashin' time
December 4, 2013
Great strings to really play fast and hard on. I use these for E standard and sometimes Eb if I get a little tired. D isn't impossible either. But really shines with aggressive music and very comfortable to play on. Its like a hybrid pack that mixed the bottom strings from an 11 set and the plain strings from a 10 set, so it makes soloing uber easy, but you can really lay into it when you palm mute and riff. They last an incredibly long time, even the .010 holds up for awhile unlike some companies 10 gauge strings. And the Heavycore still has that signature growl that most Dunlop strings have.
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