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Dunlop Electric Bass Guitar Nickel Plated Steel, .045 - .105, DBN45105

Dunlop Electric Bass Guitar Nickel Plated Steel, .045 - .105, DBN45105
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By mickeyd
Dunlop nickel round wound bass strings
February 22, 2016
Good consistency from string to string--actually sounds like a matched set, how about that! Nice warm tone, just enough brightness in the top end to add some sparkle without being annoying but bright enough for occasional popping, and stiff enough so they don't rattle when you play forte. I've paid 25% more for strings that weren't nearly as good as these.
By bluebrews
Dunlop Nickel 45-105
February 10, 2011
Don't let the price throw you! A very good set of nickel roundwounds. Good feel/tension/and tone. A bit mellower than B*****s!
By Alex
Great clank, if that's your thing.
January 30, 2011
I put a set of these on my 2010 Yamaha BB614, and I've got to say I am pretty darn happy. The tone on these things is great, if you want the clanky buzz of a tight string, perfect for hard rock or metal. They have a very unique tone when popped or slapped as well, and very bright. It took about two days of constant playing to finally break them in completely, but they still retain some of the bright new string feel and sound. One complaint I have is that they are a bit stiff, but just enough to notice and be a little bothered. A great string over all, definitely a bargain for the price. These are definitely going to last me a while.
By Matt W.
Dunlop nickel 45-105
July 6, 2010
These are a bargain, sound great on my SR4, and long-lasting.
By Michael S.
Dunlop Electric Bass Guitar Nickel Plated Steel, .045 - .105
May 22, 2010
This is my first time with these strings. I'm using them on my PJ-type fretless. They've only been on the bass for a few weeks, but I'm very impressed so far. I like the tone and feel of these strings - good lows and mids, easy on the fingers and good tension on a 34" scale bass. These strings break in very easily and stay in tune with very little stretching required.
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