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Dunlop Delrin 500 Standard 1.5 Lavender, pack of 12, 41P150

Dunlop Delrin 500 Standard 1.5 Lavender, pack of 12, 41P150
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By Matt L.
Ultra hard plastic provides stiff, slick surface and instantaneous release
February 1, 2013
The package says "Ultra hard plastic provides stiff, slick surface, excellent memory and instantaneous release."

That is exactly right.
I just went from the 1.14mm to the 1.5mm and. like the 1.14, it is really good for playing fast. I like that there is no friction or dragging feeling when you pick- it releases instantly.

I've played the 1.14mm for several years and still like it, but the 1.5 has no give at all- which makes fine, fast picking really accurate.
If you can't easily get pinch harmonics with this pick... then you're doing it all wrong!

The 1.14 is great, but after trying a V-pick Screamer I found that I now prefer a pick with zero give/fllexibility.
The reason I didn't convert to the v-pick is because 2.75mm is too thick and I like conventionally shaped picks (and _nothing_ has a quicker release than these Delrin picks)!

Keep in mind that I am playing rock with high gain. If you are playing with a clean and undistorted and uncompressed sound live the Delrin will be too hard and the pick attack will be overbearing (I think I called it "plinky sound" in my 1.14mm review from a couple years ago).

In that case, go for the Gator Grip. The 1.5mm is really good if you like picks that are hard with no give. Otherwise the 1.14mm is an excellent "typical hardness" pick.
.96 is good for acoustic (both Gator Grip and Delrin 500).

This is the first rating.
That means that people are not aware of how good they are.
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