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Dunlop Brass Chromed Slide, Heavy Wall, Medium, 228SI

Dunlop Brass Chromed Slide, Heavy Wall, Medium, 228SI
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By Raylan
Louiville, KY
What does the size actually mean?
May 22, 2019
Medium...what is that exactly? What the Hey anyway! How bout an actual inside diameter & length measurements in "inches" for a change? No metrics if you please Thank you Very Much! !Example â…" x 2 3/4" which would be the ideal size for my pinky....& is the finger I use for slide...

I have had this slide the past 20+ years and the hole would almost allow an egg to drop through it...sounds great but impossible to use unless Cutting off a piece of steel pipe and gluing it inside to take up the extra room but have used glue backed velcro strips to stuff the inside some of my other slides that are a little closer fit to begin with.... It would just be nice to know exactly what I was getting...after-all, you know exactly how much I will pay you...why can't you tell us the exact sizes we are getting if we buy one?

To me this Chromed Steel slide is the best sounding of all them...but the worse fit of them all.... If you are in the business of selling music equipment, doesn't it stand to reason that you might sell more if you made them fit & less hassle to figure out what Medium really is? These things are so heavy...a loose fit would allow the slide to come off the finger and likely dent the top in some cases or break a toe when playing bare foot out of the shower or around the pool...Not Good!

Remember....You asked for a Review.....I'm asking for some corrective action on your part Sirs.....Can I get a Witness?

Fair is Fair,
  • Great sound
  • A health hazard...possibly cause injury. Have to invent a way to make it fit...No understanding what a Medium Hole & length is all about...
  • If you guys could get this same slide in a few different configs....I'd buy a few to keep in my other guitar cases...As it is sized right now, I would not tell a friend to try one.
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