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DR Strings Seven (7) String Guitar Strings

Since 1989, DR Handmade Strings has continued a family tradition of musical instruments and accessory manufacturing. Co-founded by the son of Guild Guitars founder Al Dronge, what makes DR strings unique is that they are still handmade, in an age of machines. For players of 7-string instruments, DR Strings 7 string guitar strings are a revelation. Highly trained string winders with a feel for tensile variations can better adjust for differences as the wrapping is wound around the core wire. The company combines this traditional craftsmanship with high-tech innovations such as their revolutionary Zebra acoustic-electric strings, which alternates nickel plated steel and phosphor bronze windings on round cores. These special strings are intended for amplified acoustic guitars with piezo bridge pick-ups or magnetic pick-ups in the guitar's sound hole. DR's Black Beauties feature their proprietary K3 coating technology, which produces the same clarity, definition and volume as untreated strings. At the same time, it protects against sweat and corrosion and extends the tonal life of the strings. These strings also look extra sharp with their black coating over hexagonal cores. The guages in this package range from .009 to .052. The Tite-Fit nickel plated electric guitar strings are round wound over round cores. They use time-honored techniques with advanced materials for a winning combination. These classic strings are great for everyday use with an emphasis on tone, flexibility and long life. We have these in Lite-n-tite (.009-.052) and Medium Tite (.010-.056) for different feels and performance needs. The DR Hi-Beam series feature nickel plated strings that are hand wound on hexagonal cores. They're similar to the Tite-Fit strings, but have a brighter tone. If you want a sound that's rich and warm, go with the Tite-Fits. If you're looking for a bright and edgy sound, try the Hi-Beams. DR Handmade Strings are the preferred brand of artists such as Adam Clayton (U2), Bootsy Collins, Prince and Garry Tallent (Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band). Make these first-rate strings your choice too.
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