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DR Strings Guitar Single Strings

We are proud to offer DR Strings single guitar strings for musicians who want to keep extra strings on hand, or who wish to experiment and create their own custom sets according to their unique needs. DR Handmade Strings is a family tradition dating back to 1989. They manufacture musical instruments and accessories with traditional craftsmanship. Their strings are to this day completely handmade by professional string winders, who have developed a feel for string variations and can easily make adjustments during the production process. Traditional know-how combines with technological advancements to produce a superior product. Among their achievements are the acoustic/electric guitar zebra bronze/nickel strings, which uses alternating nickel plated steel and phosphor bronze wrapping on top of round cores. These strings are recommended for amplified acoustic guitars with pickups. Our Acoustic DR Strings single guitar strings are available in several varieties, including Hi-Beam 80/20 brass, pre-alloy phosphor bronze and rare phosphor bronze. The Hi-Beam strings provide extra brightness and clarity, especially recommended for standing out in large ensembles or for duller sounding instruments. They're hand wound on a hex core for a longer lifespan. The Pre-Alloy phosphor bronze is designed for a bright treble tone and normal tension. This string gives a bright, balanced tone in a very durable string. The Rare phosphor bronze series has a warm sound and low tension feel. With these strings, you'll find greater sustain and a deeper tone. They'll give you a "fatter" sound. For electric guitars, we have DR single guitar strings in various styles. Their Tite-Fit series use nickel plated windings on traditional round cores. These strings are designed for rich tonal quality and durability, and are especially recommended for demanding playing styles such as blues, rock, heavy metal and jazz. The Pure Blues strings feature pure nickel wrapping wire that is round wound onto round cores. This slow and meticulous string-making process produces strings known for their vintage tone and long sustain, while still delivering a sonic punch. DR's Hi-Beam strings are nickel plated, wound on hexagonal core wires. Similar to the Tite-Fits in feel, these strings have additional brightness and are edgier, for when the playing style demands it. The Legend strings are polished stainless steel, flat wound on a hexagonal core. We also carry DR's Hi Rollers and plain steel strings.
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