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DR Strings Electric Guitar Strings

DR Electric guitar strings are made of only American made materials and with expert craftsmanship. The wide range of materials and construction available from DR for electric guitars make their hand wound strings suitable for almost any player. Choose from ten different series, including two custom signature series from Dimebag Darrell and Alex Laiho.

DR string are all “compression wound”. Because the windings are so tightly fitted around the cores, they have more metal than most strings with similar gauges. DR says that this gives their strings longer life, easy bending and feel, and a brighter sound.

All DR sets are packaged in their advanced corrosion-proof system that gives the ultimate protection for guitar strings. The sealed, pH neutral envelopes keep moisture and environmental elements away from the metal strings with no effect to the sound or feel of the strings.

Tite-Fits are DR’s main line of electric guitar strings and available in a wide range gauges. Made of nickel-plated steel wire wound on a round core, this vintage method of construction provides excellent flexibility and tone with a warm, fat tone. The materials used for both Tite-Fit’s core and wrap wires are the most advanced available. They are suitable for blues, jazz, metal and rock – great all-round strings.

Hi-Beam DR electric strings are made with nickel plated steel wrap wire on hex cores. These DR strings are similar in feel to their Tite-Fit strings, but the hexagonal core gives them a much brighter and edgier sound. These are suitable for rock and heavy metal players who need a crisp, tight sounding string.

DR Pure Blues electric guitar strings are made with pure nickel wrap wire wound on a round core. Made with this old school, expensive and slow method of string production, these strings provide a vintage tone, more sustain, and better low end response. Pure Blues DR electric guitar strings are excellent for both rhythm and lead, and are an excellent choice if you are looking for vintage tones. Players say Pure Blues give them a punch that they are surprised to get in a vintage style string.

DR DDT (Drop Down Tuning) electric guitar strings are specially designed for drop tunings including drop D and drop C. These sets feature more than just heavy string gauges. They are specifically constructed to be more stable at altered tunings than standard strings. If you play in low tunings, DR DDT strings might be the DR electric strings for you.

DR’s Black Beauties, Red Devils, Dragon Skin and Neon strings have a coating over nickel plated steel wrap wire on an hexagonal core. The patented K3™ coating gives these strings extended tone life, while according to players it improves the volume and clarity with less unwanted overtones than uncoated strings. With a bright, crisp tone, these strings have improved protection against corrosion and perspiration as well as increased longevity, durability and strength that coated strings are known for.

DR Strings Legend flat wound strings have a polished stainless steel, flat ribbon wrap over an hexagonal steel core. This type of flat wound winding is designed primarily for jazz players and hollow and semi-hollow body guitars giving a smooth, warmer tone than round wound strings. The flat winding also eliminates most finger noise.

DR’s two signature series of strings from Alexi Laiho and Dimebag Darrell both are nickel plated steel strings with DR’s patented coating. The Laiho set is wound on a round core for a warm, fat sound and has amazing flexibility and durability. The Darrell set is wound on an hexagonal core for a brighter, crisper sound and will also impress you with its tone life and strength.
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