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DR Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings

DR Acoustic Guitar strings are available in their long time popular Hi Beam, Sunbeam, Rare Phosphor Bronze and Zebra sets along with their extensive line of coated strings including Dragon Skin and Neon sets. The Veritas line is renowned as an uncoated string that lasts up to four times longer than other uncoated strings. All DR sets are packaged in their advanced corrosion-proof system that gives the ultimate protection for guitar strings. The sealed, pH neutral envelopes keep moisture and environmental elements away from the metal strings with no effect to the sound or feel of the strings. DR handmade strings always combine old fashion craftsmanship with only the finest American made materials.

All DR strings are “compression wound”. Because the windings are so tightly fitted around the cores, they have more metal than most strings with similar gauges. DR says that this gives their strings longer life, easy bending and feel, and a brighter sound.

DR VERITAS™ Phosphor Bronze Acoustic guitar strings use DR’s innovative ACT (Accurate Core Technology) to produce strings with ultra-smooth, reinforced cores wires that not only give these strings four times longer life (without a coating), but also increase the strings’ richness of tone, their intonation accuracy and pitch retention. DR calls them, “loud, bright and accurate!” Melissa Etheridge, renowned, international artist, states, “VERITAS strings last 4X longer than other strings.” “I could feel the resonance in my chest,” says Ray Adkins.

HI-BEAM 80/20™ Acoustic guitar strings are designed for extra brilliance to help your instrument be heard in ensemble situations. These 80/20 bronze wrapped on hexagonal core strings are hand wound for superior tone and long tone life. Heavily brace or dull sounding guitars will benefit from the extra clarity they produce with Hi-Beam acoustic strings.

SUNBEAMS™ Acoustic guitar strings are phosphor bronze hand wound on round cores giving a remarkable sustain and easy playability. Their flexibility makes bending easy. Bright and rich sounding, their tone life is maintained fully until the tone “drops off”. You will not experience a slow decline in tone quality, but a long lasting, level, quality sound.

DR RARE™ Phosphor Bronze Acoustic guitar strings are wound on hexagonal cores with a low tension and a warm sound. Players who want a fatter and louder sound, as well as a deeper bottom will appreciate the RARE™ phosphor tone, sound, and feel. DR calls it different acoustic “voice” – strong and warm. They also state that “hand-carved arch-tops, dreadnaughts and good steel string acoustic guitars made of rosewood, maple, and mahogany seem to benefit from a distinct improvement in tone, depth, and sustain with Rare phosphor strings.” Three time national picking champion, Steve Kaufman, says that these strings are excellent for bluegrass playing and last an unusually long time!

DR PRE-ALLOY Acoustic guitar strings are also “compression” wound with phosphor bronze on a hexagonal core but with normal tension and great durability. They have a bright sound that is well balanced in tone and volume. A customer reports, “that tone-wise, Pre-Alloy’s are between the Rares and the Sunbeams, and have a wonderful 'old folky' sound; the way strings sounded in the 1960’s, but with more sustain and clarity.”

DR ZEBRA™ Acoustic guitar strings uniquely combine their RARE™ phosphor bronze and nickel-plated steel in alternate wraps around a round core giving the string a “zebra” striped effect. Designed for acoustic-electric guitars with a piezo pickup under the bridge or a magnetic pickup in the soundhole, Zebra strings will respond with the rich, bright tones of phosphor bronze with the additional response and output of nickel plated steel strings.

DR NEON™ Hi-Def© Acoustic strings have a super bright color coating for amazing presence, while keeping their clear, bright and musical sound. Neons are phosphor bronze wound on hex cores and are super bright in daylight and glow remarkably under UV lighting. They keep their tone life three to four times longer than similar uncoated strings retaining their amazing clarity and articulation.

DRAGON SKIN™ Acoustic guitar strings have DR’s patented clear K3™ coating giving these strings extended tone life, while according to players it improves the volume and clarity with less unwanted overtones than uncoated strings. The clear K3™ coats DR’s High Beam, stainless steel, round wound on round core strings. DR boasts that these strings have more sound than most uncoated strings and have excellent tonal qualities.

DR handmade strings always combine old fashion craftsmanship with only the finest American made materials.
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