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DR Strings Bass Jonas Hellborg Signature Pure Nickel Single Wrap, .040 - .100, UFO-40

DR Strings Bass Jonas Hellborg Signature Pure Nickel Single Wrap, .040 - .100, UFO-40
DR Strings
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By Bruce F.
Hellborg DR strings
October 6, 2018
I was given a set by a friend who's a luthier (going back to the 70's). Although he's a fan of DR's, he wasn't that impressed by the Hellborg set. I put them on my Fretless Fender and they work great. Nice tension, strong tone, they give me 'the mwah' Flats don't quite get. I've used DR Nickle Lowriders, GHS Pressurewound, and Brite Flats on this bass over the years. I like these the best, for my fretless. The exposed core on the tuners was a bit strange, and took some extra effort-but they do stay in tune well. I'll replace this set with the same strings when the time comes....
By Kenneth G.
DR Jonas Helborg strings
September 16, 2014
These strings sound great, even across the strings and up and down the neck. They are clear with a stronger fundamental as advertised. However for this gauge they feel stiff, the tension is more than I would expect. I find it more difficult to play fast passages. For most songs these strings are the best I have ever played but sometimes I would like a softer feel.
By Bassist N.
Outstanding performance
February 25, 2010
I didn't fully appreciate these strings until I used them in a live band setting. The additional clarity they bring to the fundamental is a true statement.

I have looked very specifically for a pure nickel string on a round core, and the field is pretty slim. I love the Thomastik Jazz Flats, but the Jazz Rounds were a bit too light in tension and a touch too warm for my roundwound preferences. The tension on the Hellborgs is more similar to a 45-105 set despite their 40-100 gauge, since I think they must have a different core size or something to make them work with the single winding process. I usually prefer medium-light sets for my bass. As reference, I use a bass made from Warmoth parts: dinky J alder body, ebony board, 34" scale, Schaller hardware, Hipshot D-Tuner, with EMG J's circa 1999 wired Vol-Vol-Tone, powered by a Duracell ProCell 9V.

Once the initial break in period (which takes slightly longer to settle than other DRs) passed, the tone remained very consistent for me. I kept the first set on for nearly a year, and only changed them because they were having some intonation problems after much use. But the tone stayed great.

These strings are not for everyone, as they are a very unique animal. These strings will give you less complex harmonics, and will have a more even response across the lows to highs.

Something worth mentioning is that the E string will sound a tad blurrier (but heftier) than other E strings (with multiple windings) past about the 15th fret. I like to play in the middle of my neck and high up on lower strings for added body in the higher notes. It is just the nature of the string winding, and not good or bad per se, just something to be aware of.

Personally, I wish they would develop a low B for this. They likely would have to stop the thick winding before the bridge and wind a smaller diameter wrap, but would love to see DR come out with it.

These strings are definitely worth a try if you are looking for a nickel-tone string that supports well in a band setting.
By Al Y.
Hellborg bass strings
August 14, 2009
I have been mostly a flats and pressure wound player for the last ten years. I was very reluctant to try these strings because of the zingy highs and roughness associated to round wound strings, which I have used in the past. Not so at all with these strings. The fundamentals are clear and the nickel coating makes the Hellborg strings much easier on the fingers and frets than other rounds I've used. I am loving what DR has done with these strings and I'm waiting for their 5 string set to be released... soon I hope.






1st G

Pure Nickel Wound



2nd D

Pure Nickel Wound



3th A

Pure Nickel Wound



4th E

Pure Nickel Wound



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