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DR Strings Electric Guitar - Tite-Fit Nickel Plated Half-Tite, .095-.044, HT-9.5

DR Strings Electric Guitar - Tite-Fit Nickel Plated Half-Tite, .095-.044, HT-9.5
DR Strings
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By Robert
My Fingers Love These!
September 1, 2017
Like a few others have noted, lighter gauges just feel better as the years go by. I have 9's on the Telecaster but needed something heavier on the 335. Even sets of 10s from other makers were just a bit too stiff/crowded for me. These are nice "in between" strings and the best thing about them is I do not feel a big change in tension and stiffness when moving from the plains to the wounds. Sold!
By David S.
Great product
November 4, 2015
I played 11 gauge strings for years, then my left hand started stiffening with age. I dropped down to 10s for several years. Despite exercise and regular playing, my left hand got worse with time. I bought some of these DR 9.5 gauge strings and they feel great to me. Maybe I can play these for a while. I'm 61 and still gigging.
By Mark
.095 tite fit
November 28, 2010
When yo reach your 50s, playing guitar at the same rate and frequency as you did when you were much younger...the human body becomes the "determiner" for which gauge strings you'll use. In order nail the "big bends" and remain effective later in the night, playing a 4 hour gig, with the least fatigue, hand, wrist, finger and joint pain, this set has saved me from so much discomfort and frustration late in the gig...thank God DR produced and continues to offer this set of amazing strings. Every player thinks you need "telephone wire guage strings" like SRV to get great tone...BS, all this does is ruin your hands and wrists which lead to early retirement from playing your beloved guitar! BB King said "why fight heavy strings, just turn up the amp more and save you hands for the next show"! Thanks DR!!!
By KC M.
October 23, 2010
Finally! After 35 years of playing electric guitar, I'm finally happy to say I've found a set of strings I'm COMPLETELY satisfied with. No "dead" plain G strings... chords ring out with clarity and definition... bass notes are clear... I haven't broken a string since using DR Tite-Fits! I use the 9-1/2 gauge tuned to Eb which gives me the feel of a "tight" set of .009s. Perfect for my floating trem set up. Minimal stretching and they stay new sounding for weeks. I change strings a lot less frequently and they continue to stay in tune even after a lot of use. Highly recommended.
By Bruce C.
Top strings
August 23, 2010
These have been my favourite for solid body electric guitars for 10 years. They feel really good, sound great and last a long time.
By mike
just right
February 14, 2010
These strings are great...

They tune to pitch with minimal stretching and they sound great.

Finally my guitar is happy...
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