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DR Strings Acoustic Guitar - Hi-BeamT 80/20 Medium, HA-12

DR Strings Acoustic Guitar - Hi-BeamT 80/20 Medium, HA-12
DR Strings
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By Charles R.
Okay, but lack depth
September 30, 2014
I have a fantastic Breedlove concert size with myrtle back and sides. It is a complex, warm guitar that I thought could use more snap and treble. So I slapped on the Hi-Beams. They do kind of rob the guitar of the warmth and complexity I have come to associate with it. I have come to think that "bright" guitar strings do not necessarily equate to more treble, but rather more fundamental. I am no luthier or physicist, so I am not sure how a string can do that. But it seems to be the case IMHO.

I originally bought a number of sets for a Larrivee Hog top that I also thought lacked pop and snap. These strings, some Markley 80-20s and other sets designated as "BRIGHT" did not do what I wanted to for that guitar either.

The feel and playability of these strings seem okay, and I am convinced that they would work well on a dreadnaught or some other guitar that simply needs more focus. If you want BRIGHT as in TREBLE, I am not sure if these are the set. I dig a lot of the other DR sets for my various guitars though (Sunbeams are some of the best strings out there in my experience, and the RARE strings are great for adding depth to cheaper guitars), and have deep respect for the company.
By Jake A.
DR 80/20 strings
September 12, 2014
The High-Beam 80/20's sound good on my '74 Martin but lately I've noticed some inconsistencies.
By Ron
Getting closer...
September 26, 2011
Being a fool I listened to finer guitars than mine in the store (Martin OM-42) and thought "you know... my guitar sounds a little dead." Partly construction, partly that it is meant as a boomer I went for brighter strings. I recorded before and after. I also noted the intonation issues for the previous strings before and after.

Put them on... record. Wait a few days... listen again closely.

Previous strings: D'Addario Phosphor Bonse. (I tried Martins... didn't like them.) The guitar: Garrison G-10 (the Canadian built version - not the Chinese one.)

The results:

80/20 Hi-Beams are brighter. Not a whole lot, but it shows up in recording and it shows up in the harmonics I hear. It isn't a "night and day" difference but pleasing. It loses some of that thumping range though.

I checked intonation. Previously intonation was out somewhat on all the strings (age, slight lifting of the top) As it was out by 20 cents or so on all strings and I don't really play in a band against other instruments that would measue it this wasn't an issue.
The intonation of the HiBeams is good for most strings but out for the E & A. I'm thinking "top heavy" strings to correct this on a next try (higher tension - same tuning.)
To be fair I haven't tried it against the D'Addario 80/20's. If the intonation balanced perfectly I'd give these 5 stars and not try another. As it is I'll carry on the search over time. I'm patient.

Nothing wrong with the strings... nice, bright enough, certainly nice harmonics.






1st E

Plain Steel  



2nd B

Plain Steel  



3rd G




4th D




5th A




6th E





Hi-BEAM 80/20

" 'Hi-BEAM' 80/20 acoustics are designed for extra brightness, to cut through the ensemble playing of bluegrass musicians, as well as derive extra clarity from heavily braced, or dull sounding guitars. Wrapped upon a hex core the new "Hi-BEAM" 80/20 acoustics are handmade and handwound for great tone, and increased longevity.

DR Strings

"From the first handmade strings DR made for Marcus Miller and Jeff Healey (both of whom have played DR's for over six years), to our latest development, the remarkable ZEBRA electric-acoustic strings, DR HandMade Strings approaches sound and string design differently from other makers… we are all players. The secret to the way we make DR strings is the word "slow." No other company we know makes strings one at a time, so very slowly and carefully. Quality of sound is paramount… along with the highest possible specifications for materials. Longevity and durability are our next concerns. We are NOT a high speed, mass production company. We have an elaborate quality control system.

For a relatively new company, we have been embraced by a surprising number of "Legends and Masters" of guitar and bass. A partial list of DR endorsees includes Sting, Marcus Miller, Jeff Healey, Adam Clayton of U2, Warren Haynes of GOV'T MULE and THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, Jonas Hellborg, Bo Diddley, "Skunk" Baxter, Victor Bailey, Steve Kaufman, Percy Jones, Darryl Jones of THE ROLLING STONES, Rick Derringer, Mick Karnes, Andreas Kisser, Max Cavalera, & Paulo Jr. of SEPULTURA, Birelli Legren, Trey Anastasio and Mick Gordon of PHISH, SMASHING PUMPKINS, Gary Tallent, Tony Franklin, Ty Tabor & Doug Pinnock of KING'S X, Dimebag Darrell of PANTERA, Scott Ian, Paul Crook, & Frank Bello of ANTHRAX, Stefan Lessard with THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, Peter Rowan, Shawn Lane, Paul Pesco Matt Freeman with RANCID, Per Gessle of ROXETTE, Sharlee D'Angelo of MERCYFUL FATE, and VERUCA SALT.

DR Strings are made with more metal than one realizes at first. By way of example, before a .042 gauge DR string is carefully wound, core wire and wrap wire that total .043 are prepared. After a process we call "Compression-Winding", a DR string that gauges a .042 is produced.

The ratios and principles of "TITE-FIT" / "Compression-Winding" are used for the specifications and manufacture of all DR strings. At DR we craft our strings at tension. The following is one example of how the DR wrap/ratio formula works… in this case for .042's. Core wire is .016, wrap wire is .0135 x 2 (top and bottom covers). Total material gauges .043 before winding and .042 after winding."




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