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DR Strings Electric Bass Guitar Drop Down Tuning, .055 - .115, DDT-55

DR Strings Electric Bass Guitar Drop Down Tuning, .055 - .115, DDT-55
DR Strings
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By Gerald
Burlington, VT
No 37's
October 7, 2021
Does not fit a 37" scale. Haven't played on it yet, because
Does not fit a 37" scale.
DR's are usually good. Does not fit a 37" scale.
By Simon C.
Pretty good
August 19, 2016
I bought these to try tuning my Precision BEAD after having found the .45-.105 set great for tuning to DGCF. Was hoping to avoid having then slots widened to accommodate .65-.125/.130 strings. The nut accommodates them well and as far as tension and stability they are as great as the .45-.105 set but I found the 3rd and 4th strings sounded oddly dull, compared to the 1st and 2nd strings and the lighter set. So, not ideal for me, but worth a try and they do perform well.
By maxwheel
DDT strings
October 24, 2012
These are absolutely phenomenal! Always loved the low riders. Joined a band that down tuned and was at first very worried about the clarity. These strings are amazingly bright in dropped tunings! Down tuned to C# sounds just as bright and clear as my standard tuned bass.
By Jechael
will be trying these out
February 25, 2012
I hate to break it to you, mike.. but if you even attempted to tune a 115 to B, you completely raped the string's pliability (even after readjusting to C.) 115 will never be a good gauge for B. You're lucky it didn't snap your tuning peg. Moving forward, I recommend no less than a 119 for B. I will be purchasing these for my bass, which is tuned down two steps. I currently use 60-110 D'Addario, but they go dead in a few days. That's what i call crap. lol
By Nate
March 23, 2011
Great strings for low tunings. tension will probably be too high for standard tunings, but for drop, it's great. I tune a whole step down (DGCF) and drop the low string down another step sometimes (CGCF). I can't recommend them enough. As far as the broken string review, it happens. I've broken a few strings in my day, but not enough on a regular basis to completely dismiss an entire brand or type of string. If you break strings regularly, there is something wrong with either your bass or your playing, but most likely the bass
By Mike L.
February 22, 2011
The low string broke on my bass after three weeks of minimal use while making a simple half step adjustment from B to C. I missed a gig that night because of it and was furious. I have never used a more useless set of strings.
By Lenny
DR Drop Down .55-.115 DDT-55
May 29, 2010
These strings seem like the answer to my drop tuning setup. Great tone, good feel, without being to hard on your fingers. They don't flap around like a standard grade, and stay in tune very well.






1st G

Round Wound



2nd D

Round Wound



3rd A

Round Wound 



4th E

Round Wound



The first thing you will notice about these strings is that they go right into tune and lock in. Players say they are "so stable it is almost eerie." Now you can stand and delivery in tune notes at lower pitch that are clean and clear. Expect more and get more. Change tunings and be surprised how DDTs lock right in. Be surprised how little adjustments you make. DDTs deliver far more than just heavy gauges. Drop with confidence, drop with accuracy. DDTs maintain their intonation at lower tunings far better than any other string we have ever played or heard. Designed over a two year build and test period to answer the needs of the dark side.
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