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DR Strings Electric Guitar Drop Down Tuning, .012 - .060, DDT-12

DR Strings Electric Guitar Drop Down Tuning, .012 - .060, DDT-12
DR Strings
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By Jeremy S.
Dr DDT Strings 12/60
November 14, 2014
I play metal music and tune to drop C so these strings are awesome! They sound great, feel great and hold tuning very well. However, I do have to make an amendment to the set. Instead of the plain steel 20 for the F string, I buy a wound DR Tite-Fit 24 to put in its place. This allows the F string to hold tune better and it also feels better while playing.
By AGrindx3
Absolute Drop Tuning
December 10, 2013
I got these for C tuning and Drop A# for practice. Pretty balanced strings but I hate the plain .020 gauge string, it never stays in tune even when tuned higher to C# tuning, I wish it was a wound .020 or .022 would be better. The rest retain the low tuning well for awhile. Has good range and sound except for the 20p string. I wished they lasted a bit longer but they work for what you need.
By Glenn
Perfect Tone
November 14, 2012
Great for standard tuning too!

Most guitarists like light strings because they are easier on the fingertips, but once you have callouses you should try some ultra-heavies. Bends take a little more strength, but you don't have to bend as far when the tension is higher.

The sustain and tone is longer and more glassy than other strings I've tried (Dadarrio/ErnieBall/DeanMarkley).

Call the company to discuss their strings, and you will get great customer service from Steve... I sure did!
By Evan H.
DR DDT Strings
January 22, 2012
I've been an enthusiast of heavy music all my life, so once i really got into music i knew i would need the gear to accomplish that sound as well.

The main reason I use heavy gauge strings is because of their superior resonance and tone quality. Its unbeatable, and it gives you a better tone overall. DDT strings (Drop Down Tuning) are meant for low tunings, and they stay in tune better than any other string in my opinion.

If you like to tune your guitar real low, (Drop C-Drop A) you won't have as much 'slinkiness' as you would with that of normal guitar strings

DR DDT strings i highly recommend for anyone who plays guitar, because its one of those 'small things' that make your tone astounding.
By Scotty R.
Great for Open C#
February 13, 2011
On this one particular guitar, I have it tuned to DADGAD - 1/2 step down. These strings really help keep the tension on the neck and keep the higher strings from flopping with the less than normal tension. The 60 low E takes a little getting used to, it's like playing with a bass string, but it doesn't flop around.






1st E

Plain Steel 



2nd B

Plain Steel 



3rd G

Plain Steel  



4th D

Round Wound



5th A

Round Wound



6th D

Round Wound



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