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DR Strings Electric Guitar Drop Down Tuning, .010 - .046, DDT-10

DR Strings Electric Guitar Drop Down Tuning, .010 - .046, DDT-10
DR Strings
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By Nonpartisanartisan
Drop Dead Tuning...
August 18, 2011
Ok, I've had D'addario's on .. bright, round wound, didn't intonate well. Then Red Devils - great sound, great look, didn't intonate well and broke a string in the first two weeks.

Went to some crappy strings while I did some work that needed me to pull the strings while I did work on the pickups and wiring. They were harsh.

Now the DDT's.
Set up in STANDARD tuning, not drop tuning. Why? My guitar seemed to be difficult to intonate.

Sound: 4/5. It is nice, full. Not as good as the Red Devils, a world apart from the junk. Maybe not as bright at the D'Addario's but not at all unpleasant. In an A/B comparison I'd be hard to say which I liked better.

Reliability: The Red Devils I was trying to baby... no bends and the B still broke. These - well... I tuned to E and started bending . Regular practice daily and no gentle behavior. They hold up and hold up well. 5/5 (though this could change in a few weeks I've put more hours on these strings the first day than I put on the Red Devils in a week.)

Intonation: I put them standard D. Fine, they were in tune without being floppy. What I cared about was that while other strings didn't intonate for me these came up with spot on intonation in Standard E. (oh yeah!) No other strings I've tried so far have done this.

Bonus points: the other strings (all of them) snagged somehow on the nut so a tremolo dive would have several strings come back sharp. I'm not into diving deep and hard but I just had to do the test. People jive the plastic nut on my guitar as being the cause of their grief... it may be the higher tension or the way they are wound but they return to pitch perfectly after even the deepest dives or the wildest bends.

Now... if only they could sound like the Red Devils... and look like them (except without the flaking part.)

They really should get a 4.5 - I want that Red Devil tone. However, I think I've found the strings for my Ibanez.

I've noticed some strings work better on some guitars than others... more testing on other strings for other gutiars...






1st E

Plain Steel 



2nd B

Plain Steel 



3rd G

Plain Steel  



4th D

Round Wound



5th A

Round Wound



6th D

Round Wound



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