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The most popular and referred to as “the reference standard” of Thomastik-Infeld viola strings, Dominant viola strings feature a multi-strand, synthetic Perlon core that replicates the flexible feel and tonal warmth of gut strings. However, the Perlon core is not affected by changing humidity or weather as gut strings can and maintains a stable intonation and tuning. The tone of the Dominant string produces soft and warm overtones while providing a pure, rich tone. Ideal as introductory synthetic viola strings, Dominant strings are available for ½ (12 ½”), ¾ (13 ½”) and full scaled (14 ½ ”) violas in mittel (medium), stark (heavy) and weich (light) gauges. Also offered are Dominant sets for 14”,15 ½” (16”) and 16 ½” violas. Single strings as well as sets are offered. Dominant viola strings are handwound and feature different windings dependent on the set. The A and D strings are aluminum wound for all sets. The Dominate C and G strings are either chrome or silver depending on the set. A single, silver D string is available to customize the full size set. These winding options allow players to complement the sound of their instrument and accommodate personal taste with the value of purchasing Dominant viola strings.
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