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Dean Markley Bass SR2000 Super 6 String Medium Custom, .027 - .127

Dean Markley
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By yehmek
SR200 Will Lee 6 string set
April 13, 2011
These are good strings. I'll get that out there right away. The gauges are well matched, and give me a consistent volume and tone across the whole set. You could easily pay more and get worse. On my Carvin BB6, they are very bright and clear, and all but the low B have pronounced "zing" overtones in first and half positions, which I happen to like. Overall, the sound has that robust, ringing "piano string" body that we expect from stainless at high tension. If that's a sound you like, these strings will not disappoint.

As for me...I bought these as an experiment, to replace the medium Carvin nickel strings I was using before. I was hoping for tonal evenness and slightly lighter gauges in the low end. In that respect, the experiment was a success, but a couple other things leave me thinking I might continue experimenting with other strings for a while.

For one things, the strings feel pretty stiff. That's not unusual with stainless, but on this bass it tends to make the broad, rigid neck a bit harder to play well.

Also, because this bass has stainless frets, the harder string material produces a lot of click, rattle, buzz, and bounce against the frets. Precise fingering and aggressive damping is required to keep things under control, especially when using a pick on the E and B strings.

And I'd have to say that the sound I get from the piezo elements in the bridge is not too pleasant. Too many high-frequency overtones, and lots of string noise. With the nickel strings, the piezos added a nice bit of cluck and leading-transient punch, but I now tend to blend heavily in favor of the magnetics.

Overall, I like these strings, but they don't fit into what I'm doing with my Carvin right now. I'd be interested in finding a string set these same gauges, but with a softer surface and a bit more flexibility.
By Pete ).
Super 6 String Will Lee, .027 - .127, 2698
December 29, 2009
Great set of strings ...

I recommend them to all bassists. Finally there is a properly made set of bass strings in DIAMETER all starting & ending in .007 & going up or down by .02 That's how I would make them if I was a string maker.

Most other sets which are good are up & down in diameter EX:
Low " B " is too heavy too sloppy
High " C " too light can't hear it
E, A, D, & G are mix & match diameter a standard OK but the set together just isn't what you would want in a bass.

I'm sure there a heaps of bassists who like the mix & match sets -- that's fine.

I've tried them for years & found I was never happy with the sound.

The SR2000 has to be the best 6 string set I have ever used. The sound flows evenly from string to string no matter where you are on the bass.

Also, thanks to Juststrings for the quick response to all my questions and the prompt delivery.

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