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Dean Markley Bass SR2000 Super 4 String Medium Light, .046 - .102, 2689

Dean Markley Bass SR2000 Super 4 String Medium Light, .046 - .102, 2689
Dean Markley
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By Joseph B.
Dean Markley SR 2000 Electric Bass Strings
October 1, 2015
I was looking for THAT string for most of my basses, the SR 2000s fill that bill. I use them on my 7-string, 5-string and two of my fretted 4-string basses. They are bright and warm at the same time, feel good to the touch and stay "live" for longer than any other strings I've used. I recommend them highly.
By BigJohn
10-Yrs STRONG!!!
June 25, 2013
I Have Been Using these Strings For Over 10 yrs Now,and WILL NOT use anything else!. These are it! They have all the zing and punch, but still have the warmth and clarity,without being harsh or boomy! And that midrange is just zingy enough that you're slapping cuts through, without tearing your fingers apart!!! Don't believe me? Go get a set and try them! You will be a convert!!! And BTW I play all sorts of music from jazz, rock, fusion, funk, classic rock, gospel, to name a few.
By Dave H.
SR2000 Bass Strings
February 22, 2011
I have been using these strings for about 10 years and won't put anything else on my bass. I get excellent sound and sustain with the tapered windings over the bridge.






1st G

Stainless Steel Super Wound



2nd D

Stainless Steel Super Wound



3rd A

Stainless Steel Super Wound



4th E

Stainless Steel Super Wound





"World renowned for their rich tones, long life and consistency from set to set, Dean Markley strings are the finest strings on the market today. Exacting attention to detail of manufacturing places Dean Markley strings at the leading edge of string technology. Today's top professionals rely on Dean Markley strings to deliver the brilliant, rich, full tones they need … combined with an extremely long life. Dean Markley strings are always there when you need them. They deliver.

THE PLAIN STRINGS: Dean Markley strings feature specially made and plain strings which won't slip or unravel. To achieve this, we use a unique "triple-lock" twist to attach a special "tuned" bead to the finest Swedish Steel tinned mandolin wire available. This gives you a string which is brilliant, has an extremely long life and holds its tone much longer than other strings.

THE WOUND STRINGS: Because the core wire is the foundation of all wound strings, Dean Markley uses the highest quality Swedish Steel core wire available. Dean Markley wound strings feature a hexagon shaped core wire which prevents unraveling and assures a super-tight bond between the core wire and the outer wrap. This gives Dean Markley wound strings their characteristic brilliance, punch, full bottom end, fantastic harmonics, plus an extremely long life. The core wire also utilizes the "triple-lock" twist and "tuned" brass, nickel, or black anodized brass beads.

DEAN MARKLEY'S SPECIAL ALLOYS CREATE SPECIAL MAGIC: For the outer wrap on Dean Markley strings, we formulated special alloys for each of the different strings, such as nickel plated steel, 430 stainless steel, 85/15 bronze, 80/20 bronze, phosphorus bronze and our proprietary Cryogenic processed Blue SteelÔ alloys. These special alloys are formulated to balance the overall sound of your instrument and bring out the high end as well as the low end harmonics, making your instrument sound fuller and richer, with just the right brilliance. Because of the special formulations, these alloys can take a real beating and still keep their original tone longer than other strings. Like it says on the packages: "Super Brilliance and Longer Life".

It could be Dean's special alloys, the core-to-wrap ratios, or the love and care that goes into the making of every set … whatever the reason, the magic of Dean Markley strings has to be experienced to be believed.

Dean Markley strings are available in all the popular gauges of Acoustic, Electric, Bass, Classical, Ball End Nylon, Banjo, Mandolin, Twelve String Electric and Steel Guitar, as well as a complete line of singles. If you're not already one of the thousands of players using Dean Markley strings, give 'em a try. Dean Markley has just the string for you."


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