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Dean Markley Electric Blue Steel DT, .013 - .056, 2557

Dean Markley Electric Blue Steel DT, .013 - .056, 2557
Dean Markley
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By BassMan
July 16, 2010
The best strings I've ever used! holy sh**! Loud brilliant highs, great mids, and BASS! Plug into a tube screamer and watch the wallpaper peel off the walls!
By Thaddeus L.
Beautiful Sounding Strings!!
May 21, 2010
I could tell from the first time I hit a note that these strings are different. They have an airy openness about them, even with EMG's, that produces a crisp clear bell like tone that I've been craving for years. I play in drop B with a mix matched set of Medium and heavy strings: 60-46-36-18-13-11. (BTW you can order single strings through a local retailer, I needed a 60 for the low B so I called Dean Markley to see what they'd recommend and they shipped me a pack of (6) 60's at no charge) I've gotten close with other strings but either they didn't last or they they were too hazey. These have warm bass and crisp mids with a smooth top end that will make everything you do on your guitar sound better. Also,I am not an employee of Dean Markley in any way but they now have my loyalty.
By J A.
Blue steel DT strings
December 8, 2009
The best strings I've used until now. Rarely have they popped (once only and it was my my fault), great tone, i don't know just great. After 5 years of playing every day you notice the difference, and these are top notch.






1st E

Cryogenic Plain Steel



2nd B

Cryogenic Plain Steel



3rd G

Cryogenic Steel Wound



4th D

Cryogenic Steel Wound



5th A

Cryogenic Steel Wound



6th E

Cryogenic Steel Wound





"Dean Markley Blue Steel Guitar and Bass strings are the most innovative strings on the market today, and among the largest selling of the Dean Markley string lines. Blue Steel's unique proprietary Cryogenic processing places Blue Steel at the leading edge of string technology. Today's top professional players rely on Dean Markley Blue Steel strings to deliver that brilliant, rich, full tone they need … combined with an extremely long life. Because they hold their original brilliance so long, Blue Steels are regarded as today's premier recording string.

THE CRYOGENIC PROCESSING: Dean Markley Blue Steel strings are the result of the latest discoveries in metalurgy and string alloy processing. Blue Steel Strings are manufactured with a special process called Cryogenics. Cryogenic processing reduces the metal's temperature to -320 degrees Fahrenheit for a controlled period of time. Then slowly and carefully the temperature of the metal is brought back to its original level. This processing re-aligns the molecules in the strings, making the strings vibrate truer and smoother than normal strings. The Cryogenic processing also adds longer life, a better feel and a brighter, fuller sound than any other strings available today.

THE PLAIN STRINGS: Dean Markley Blue Steel Acoustic and Electric sets feature specially made and Cryogenically processed plain strings which won't slip or unravel. To achieve this we use a unique "triple-lock" twist to attach a special "tuned" black anodized brass bead to the finest Swedish Steel tinned mandolin wire available. This gives you a string which is brilliant, has an extremely long life and holds its tone much longer than other strings.

THE WOUND STRINGS: Because the core wire is the foundation of all wound strings, Dean Markley uses the highest quality Cryogenic processed Swedish Steel core wire available. Dean Markley Blue Steel wound strings feature a hexagon shaped core wire which prevents unraveling and assures a super-tight bond between the core wire and the outer wrap. This gives Dean Markley Blue Steel wound strings their characteristic brilliance, punch, full bottom end, fantastic harmonics, plus an extremely long life. The core wire also utilizes the "triple-lock" twist and a "tuned" black anodized brass bead.

DEAN MARKLEY'S SPECIAL ALLOYS CREATE SPECIAL MAGIC: For the outer wrap on Dean Markley Blue Steel strings, we have formulated unique Cryogenic processed alloys. These special alloys balance the overall sound of your instrument and bring out the high end as well as the low end harmonics, making your instrument sound fuller, richer, with just the right brilliance. Because of the Cryogenic processing, these alloys can take a real beating and still keep their original tone longer than other strings. Like it says on the package: "Super Brilliance and Longer Life".

Dean Markley Blue Steel strings are available in all the popular gauges of Acoustic, Electric and Bass strings. If you're not already one of the thousands of players using Dean Markley Steel strings, give 'em a try. You'll be amazed!"


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