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Dean Markley Acoustic Bronze 85/15 Light, .011 - .052, 2002

Dean Markley Acoustic Bronze 85/15 Light, .011 - .052, 2002
Dean Markley
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By Scott A.
My Favorite Acoustic Strings
March 14, 2014
I've been playing guitar for over 40 years. Over that time I've bought a lot of different string brands, obviously. Some I liked more than others, but strings still were just strings. Then I tried these Dean Markleys. Wow! I really like the sound and the feel of these! I'm getting some more. They work for me!
By Jamie S.
Great Strings
June 20, 2011
Great playing and sounding string.Good quality at a fair price.
By freebebop
November 17, 2009
This setup perfectly match my martin D28 ! Could stand both finger picking
and rhythm works! No need a lot Eq when recording!






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Bronze Wound



4th D

Bronze Wound



5th A

Bronze Wound



6th E

Bronze Wound





"In the 1960's there was a bronze acoustic string which was without a doubt the best sounding, and one of the very best selling, acoustic strings made … unequaled in its' quality and sound. But, because of problems within the company, they changed manufacturers and, as a result, the formula for making their strings changed as well. These changes altered the string's sound and hurt their popularity. It wasn't long before that string, which was once the favorite of millions, fell by the wayside.

It was in the early Seventies that Dean Markley started research and development on what was to become his first string set … Dean Markley Bronze. After much trial and error and talking with other string winders, Dean fell upon the exact formula used in making the string that was so popular in the Sixties. After a few changes in gauging, and designing a warm and comfortable package, Dean Markley Bronze was born. Word soon spread among the professional players and on to the music dealers. The rest is history. Dean Markley Bronze … the finest acoustic string made.

THE PLAIN STRINGS: Dean Markley Bronze sets feature specially made plain strings which won't slip or unravel. To do this, we use a unique "triple lock" twist to attach a special "tuned" brass bead to the finest Swedish Steel tinned mandolin wire available. This gives you a strings which is brilliant, has an extremely long life and holds it's tone much longer than other strings.

THE WOUND STRINGS: Because the core wire is the foundation of all wound strings, Dean Markley uses the same high quality Swedish Steel for the core wire as we do for our plain strings. Dean Markley Bronze wound strings feature a hexagon core which prevents unraveling and assures a super-tight bond between the core wire and the outer wrap. This gives Dean Markley Bronze wound strings their characteristic brilliance and punch. The core wire also utilizes the "triple-lock" twist and a "tuned" brass bead.

DEAN MARKLEY'S SPECIAL ALLOY CREATES SPECIAL MAGIC: For the outer wrap on Dean Markley Bronze wound strings, we formulated a unique 85/15 alloy consisting of 85% copper and 15% zinc. This alloy balances the overall sound of your acoustic guitar and brings out the low end as well as the high end harmonics, making your instrument sound richer, fuller, warmer and more brilliant.

It could be Dean's 85/15 alloy, the core-to-wrap ratio, or the love and care that goes into the making of every set … whatever the reason, the magic of Dean Markley Bronze has to be experienced to be believed.

Dean Markley Bronze come in specially gauged sets of Light (a cross between other companies' extra-light and light), Medium-Light (the most popular gauge, because it is close to typical light sets but with low E and A strings which are a bit larger in diameter for more punch and power) and a standard Medium gauge. Give Dean Markley Bronze a try. You'll see why they are the professional artist's first choice in acoustic strings."


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