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Dean Markley Electric Guitar Strings

“Great strings that last and keep their tone,” reports a Dean Markley, Blue Steel set player. In addition to the Blue Steel series, Dean Markley offers three additional types of strings – classic Nickelsteel, innovative Helix and a Nick Catanese signature set.

NickelSteel sets are Dean Markley’s first and best selling, electric guitar strings. They are nickel plated steel wound on a steel core. Known to consistently give power, sustain and long life, NickelSteel is available in ten sets with gauges from extra light to medium, including jazz, drop tuning and light top or medium top/heavy bottom sets. “Great tone, always stay in tune …. I play rock, funk, pop, r&b & blues, great tone for all,” says a 2509B set player.

The Blue Steel series features strings that have been cryogenically treated, exposing them to extremely cold temperatures. This process enables a tighter molecular pattern that enhances the strings’ reactive properties, allowing them to play with more brilliance and also extending their lifespan. These strings are available in gauges from extra light to jazz medium. Customers reports their “much fuller, richer tone; crystal clear and bell-like” qualities and their “growl ability and well balanced amplitude” (2556).

Helix strings use a newly developed, hyper-elliptically shaped winding wire. When wound on a steel core, this new shape allows for more windings per inch increasing the string’s mass without changing its diameter. The result is a smoother string surface with more reactive qualities. The tone is fuller, the sustain is increased and the lifespan of the string is greatly improved. Sets are offered in gauges from light to medium. “The elliptical winding on these things is great for clarity while retaining a great, smooth bendability. I noticed a definite and easily discernible increase in acoustic response from the outset,” reports a customer of the 2516 set. Another says, “Great strings, noticeable improvement in tone and feel, and last a long time. Other strings disappoint me now” (2512).

A signature set of nickel plated steel strings was developed for Nick Cantanese of the band, Black Label Society. He states that this custom set (.010 - .060) gives him the toughness, presentation, quality and execution every time he needs it when he is playing with some of the world’s greatest guitar players night after night.
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