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Dean Markley Electric Bass Guitar Strings

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“Bright cut through sound or deep soul shaking sound,” is a pleased customer’s description of Dean Markley’s BlueSteel, stainless steel bass guitar strings. In addition to the BlueSteel series, Dean Markley also offers the following bass strings – NickelSteel, SR2000, Helix, Solid Bass and SuperRound.

The BlueSteel bass guitar strings are offered in nickel plated steel or stainless steel round wound. Both are treated with Dean Markley’s exclusive “Cryo-Tech” system which applies extreme cold to the strings. This process compresses their molecular structure and makes them more responsive and bright, giving a full, tight bottom end and extended string life. A player of the 2678A nickel wound set reports, “Even, balanced and easy to play,” and on different basses “they perform consistently.” Another nickel wound customer says, “They have a nice metallic growl to them, which is more dispersed and understated than steel strings.” Six 4-string and three 5-string sets, light to medium gauges, are available in both nickel wound and stainless steel wound.

Dean Markley’s NickelSteel sets were their first electric bass guitar strings and are still a big seller. Six 4-string and six 5-string, nickel plated steel round wound sets are offered in gauges from extra light to heavy. A 2605B set player reports, “First thing I noticed was the smooth feel on the fingers. Very good tension, as I play using fingers. Tone is great, punchy, but not too bright.”

Four 4-string sets of the Helix series are available in light to heavy gauges, including a “Nikki Sixx” signature set. The Helix strings have more mass with the same diameter than other stainless steel wound strings. Dean Markley’s proprietary “Hyper Elliptical” winding process compacts more windings onto the string giving it more mass and more response. This type of winding also gives the string a smoother touch, less string squeak and extended tone life.

The Solid Bass sets are 4-string, nickel round wound in gauges from light to heavy. These strings are Dean Markley’s most cost effective sets –good sound for a good price. A happy player of the 2651 set says, “I use these almost exclusively … I only trust Dean to make my RBX170 bass sound like the Monster it was made to be.”

SR2000 strings are stainless steel, super wound and taper wrapped at the bridge. This construction allows SR2000 strings to vibrate more easily and longer and is accomplished with Dean Markley’s exclusive “articulated post-bridge winding” system giving the strings more flexibility and feel while maintaining sustain and brightness. Twelve sets in 4, 5, 6 and 7-string combinations are offered, including three signature “Will Lee” sets. “These scream. Tight...focused and piano like clarity. The "B" string is OMG!...” reports a 2694 set player. Using a 2698 set, a customer says, “Overall, the sound has that robust, ringing "piano string" body that we expect from stainless at high tension.”

Stainless steel, Super Round wound strings are offered in three 4-string and three 5-string sets in light to medium gauges. These strings have what Dean Markley calls the “British” sound, but are made in the United States. “These strings have been around for a long time and should be tried by all. They are inexpensive and have a good punch to them,” says a 2639 set player.

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