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Dean Markley Banjo Strings

Dean Markley Banjo 5 String Light, .009 - .020, 2302
Price: $3.92
Sale: $3.33
Since 1972, Dean Markley has produced strings well known for their rich tone and longevity. Their banjo sets include plain steel strings made of fine, Swedish steel with a unique “triple-lock” twist ensuring long life. The stainless steel, wound fourth string has a hexagonal core to guarantee a tight bond between the wrap and core wire giving the string brilliance and longevity.

Choose between three gauge ranges, from light to medium. As one of our customers points out, a medium light gauge set gives “a more trebly sound and/or lighter action”. Those players preferring “a fuller, richer sound, and who appreciate the more ‘solid’ feel you get with slightly heavier strings” will prefer the medium gauge set.
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