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Dean Markley Acoustic Guitar Strings

“Clean, clear acoustic sounds with just enough punch,” states a Dean Markley VintageBronze™ string player. Four acoustic guitar series, including the VintageBronze™, are available from Dean Markley.

The Blue Steel, phosphor bronze series is offered in seven sets in gauges from extra light to medium. These strings are cryogenically treated in temperatures to -320 degrees Fahrenheit to increase their tone and longevity. A 2033 set players reports, “Best bang for the buck by far. These things last forever and the tone is great!” Another says, “Best acoustic strings I have found. Even volume, stay in tune, long lasting. Great value.” (2038 set).

A series of four sets are available from Dean Markley in 85/15 VintageBronze™. These strings project a penetrating acoustic sound with unsurpassed tonal range. A 2004 set player says, “These strings hold their tone much longer than others I've tried and the price can't be beat!”

The Helix series includes four sets in phosphor bronze and four in 80/20 bronze, both in gauges from extra light to medium. Helix strings are wound with a hyper-elliptical shaped winding wire giving them a fuller, brighter tone and a smoother feel. These characteristics are achieved by increasing the mass of the strings (more windings) while maintaining the diameter of the string. Increased smoothness comes from the improved shape of the winding material.

Phosphor bronze sets are offered in four gauges from extra light to medium. These strings have power and punch while still maintaining a smooth bass end. The 2066A set is described by a player as giving the “best combination of tone, balanced across the entire range, and playability. Great lows, balanced mids and shimmering highs.” Another says of the 2063A set, “I love these strings. They are easy on the fingers.”
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