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Dean Markley Strings

Dean Markley makes acoustic guitar strings, bajo sexto strings, banjo strings, classical guitar strings, electric bass guitar strings, electric guitar strings, and mandolin strings. Their factory is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan and is where all Dean Markley strings are made.

Dean Markley’s most famous line of strings is Blue Steel. We carry Blue Steel electric guitar, Blue Steel acoustic guitar strings and Blue Steel bass strings. Dean Markley Blue Steel guitar and bass strings are cryogenically frozen after winding, and then brought back to normal temperature in a carefully controlled process. This process alters the molecular composition of the steel and nickel windings, giving Blue Steel strings more life, enhanced tone and better tuning stability when compared to non-cryogenically treated strings.

Dean Markley guitar strings are available in 85/15 Vintage Bronze, phosphor bronze and Blue Steel cryogenically treated phosphor bronze. The 85/15 Vintage Bronze strings have a brighter, crisper tone than the phosphor bronze. Dean Markley phosphor bronze strings have a warmer, richer tone than the 85/15 Vintage Bronze. The best way to decide which one is right for you and your guitar is to try one set of each different winding material in the same gauge.

Dean Markley bass strings are available in several varieties: Alchemy, Blue Steel, Blue Steel Nickel, NickelSteel, Solid Bass, SR 2000, and Super Round. The SR2000 bass strings are perhaps their most famous bass string line. They feature special construction with taper-wrapping at the bridge end, allowing SR2000 strings to vibrate more freely. This enhances the tone as well, giving the strings a hotter tone with more “pop”.

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