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D'Addario Viola Strings

D'Addario is one of the largest high-performance string manufacturers in the world, a family tradition for over 300 years. We offer D'Addario viola strings for discriminating players. D'Addario's Kaplan viola strings feature rich tonal quality, warmth, clarity and excellent bowing response. The strings in the Kaplan series are made from solid and stranded steel cores. Helicore strings are made from multi-stranded steel cores for a warm, clear tone and optimal playability. These strings offer longevity and pitch stability, and a smaller string diameter allows for fast bow response. Zyex is a new synthetic material that remains stable in challenging climates, and the the Zyex strings have a warmer sound than typical synthetic strings. Prelude strings are made with a solid steel core, making them resistant to temperature and humidity variations. They also have a warm sound and exceptional bow response. This is among the best of D'Addario's strings for warm tone, durability and overall value. D'Addario's Pro-Arté viola strings use a synthetic core and have a warm and mellow tone, yet they break in quickly and are less sensitive to temperature and humidity. These strings are made with a lower tension for better bow response and playability, and produce a warm, dark tone. The NS Electric viola strings, designed with Ned Steinberger, bring out the best in electric violas, but can also be used on acoustic instruments. They provide a clear tone while enhancing tonal expressiveness.
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