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D'Addario 7 and 8 String Guitar Strings

For the D'Addario family, string-making has been a tradition for generations. Originally from Italy and now based in New York, D'Addario strings are among the most respected in the business. Pioneers in string technology since first switching from gut strings to nylon, the company continues to innovate. Their strings take advantage of the latest technological advancements. John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Lenny Kravitz and Sheryl Crow are among the many professional musicians who endorse their products. Players of seven string instruments may have a difficult time finding just the right string sets. We carry D'Addario seven string guitar strings in two different lines, Chromes and XL Nickel Wound. Both are expertly crafted of the finest materials with the most advanced string designs. D'Addario's XL Chromes use stainless steel ribbon wire which is flattened and then polished for an exceptionally smooth surface before winding. Flat wound strings produce a rich tone and distinctive sound. Some players refer to this sound as "darker" or "jazzy," due to their somewhat muted and smooth tone. Advantages of flat wound strings include less finger noise, longer life span and less tone deterioration than round wound strings. They're also easier and more comfortable to play, and they decrease the wear on fret boards and frets. However, the flat wound strings may be more difficult to bend, if that's a key component of your playing style. We have the Chromes as a 7 string set available in Jazz Light, with string gauges ranging from .011-.065. The XL Nickel Wound electric guitar strings are D'Addario's most popular. They begin with a hexagonal, high carbon steel core, and are then precision wound with nickel-plated steel. These strings have a bright tone and spot-on intonation. We have these strings available in regular light and super light models. In the regular light set, the gauges for the 7 strings are .010-.059. The super light 7 string set ranges from .009-.054. Our customers rave about the full tone and great feel of these strings.

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