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D'Addario NYXL Bass

NYXL bass strings are an exciting new combination of D’Addario’s reformulated nickel-plated steel winding wire over newly engineered NY carbon steel core. Made from advanced materials in D’Addario’s recently developed, proprietary wire-drawing process, the NY steel core enables unrivaled tuning stability, amazing string life, and bendability. The reformulated nickel plated steel winding has greater magnetic qualities for more output, presence and “crunch”. Designed for all styles of playing, NYXL bass strings have deep, powerful lows, focused punch, and accentuated harmonics. You will find their sustain and dynamic range unrivaled. Four 4-string sets and one 5-string set are available with these unique new strings. All sets are long scale. Strings are sealed in environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging.
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