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D'Addario Guitar Single Strings

With their headquarters in Long Island, New York, family-operated D'Addario specializes in strings for guitars and other instruments. Their focus on a particular product line, passed down through generations of the family which originated in Italy, has produced a world-renowned and highly respected brand. We carry several different styles of their acoustic, electric and classical strings. We have these available as single strings for your convenience, so you can build your own custom set. Our D'Addario acoustic guitar strings include their 80/20 bronze, composed of 80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc. These strings combine a crisp tone with great durability. For their EXP strings, they add a micro-fine coating that protects the tonal quality of the string over time, while still feeling and sounding like an uncoated string. Phosphor bronze is made from 92 percent copper and 8 percent tin, giving a bright, balanced tone. We sell several varieties of D'Addario classical guitar strings, from the basic clear nylon to EXP coated, copper wound and composite polymer. Their titanium trebles are available in normal or high-tension. D'Addario electric guitar strings are available in pure nickel, flat wound chromes, stainless steel and nickel wound. The steel strings give the brightest tone. The nickel plating combines a bright tone with a comfortable feel. The pure nickel strings give a warmer, more vintage sound. Browse our extensive selection of D'Addario guitar single strings and custom design the perfect set for your playing style.
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