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Get an additional discount on all NYXL sets! When you place your order, just enter coupon code NYXL10 in the coupon box. The discount will be applied to all eligible sets!

Single strings are available in the D’Addario NYXL Electric Guitar Single Strings section.
D'Addario Electric Guitar NYXL, .009 - .042, NYXL0942
Price: $13.15
D'Addario Electric Guitar NYXL 3 Pack, .009 - .042, NYXL0942-3P
Price: $33.99
D'Addario Electric Guitar NYXL, .009 - .046, NYXL0946
Price: $13.15
D'Addario Electric Guitar NYXL, .010 - .046, NYXL1046
Price: $13.15
D'Addario Electric Guitar NYXL 3 Pack, .010 - .046, NYXL1046-3P
Price: $33.99
D'Addario Electric Guitar NYXL, .010 - .052, NYXL1052
Price: $13.15
D'Addario Electric Guitar NYXL, .011 - .049, NYXL1149
Price: $13.15
D’Addario says their “NYXL guitar strings will bend farther, sing louder, and stay in tune better than any string you’ve played before.� Using a new wire-drawing process and advanced materials, the NYXL guitar strings have a break-resistant, high carbon steel core that will give more strength and greater tuning stability. The reformulated nickel plated steel windings have greater magnetic properties for more power and punch. The plain steel strings are also enhanced with this new wire-drawing process coupled with a revolutionary “fusion twist� process. You will break less strings, and they will stay tuned much longer.

Over twenty differently gauged sets are available, including three economical, 3-pack options. Also featured are balanced tension sets, 7 and 8-string sets, drop tuning sets and wound third sets, all with the new NYXL technology. Strings are sealed in environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging.
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