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EXP Coated Electric

If you play D’Addario’s EXL nickel wound strings but would like them to last longer, their series of coated EXP strings will surprise you with a minimum of four times the life of uncoated strings. Using their micro coating technology, D’Addario applies this life extending finish to the wrap wire and then winds the string. By applying the coating before winding, the result is a string with the sound and feel of an uncoated string. These popular strings are praised by our customers as “sublime” with a sound that is not overly bright and last a long time.

You can choose from five sets of EXP coated strings. Gauges range from super light to regular light, with hybrid sets of super light top/regular bottom and light top/heavy bottom. A special set has been gauged heavier for a richer tone usually preferred by jazz and blues players.
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