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D'Addario Electric Bass Flatwound

D’Addario has two popular flatwound series of electric bass strings – Chromes and Black Nylon Tapewound. Chromes are wound with a flattened, stainless steel “ribbon” and then polished for an ultra smooth feel for a clear, flatwound sound. Black Nylon Tapewounds are wound with a flatted band of black nylon which is also polished to a very smooth surface. Tapewounds gives more of a mellow, vintage sound which some liken to an upright bass but with the clear intensity of other flatwound strings. They can be used on either a fretted or unfretted bass. These flatwound strings can also help reduce wear on the neck of the bass guitar.

Available in a variety of scale lengths, they also come in superlight, light, custom light and medium gauges, plus 4 or 5- string sets.

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