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D'Addario Classical Guitar Strings

“They are extremely consistent in tone, quality, balance and clarity. Thank you!!” states a pleased, D’Addario classical string player. Offered in seven series, D’Addario classical strings are made with their well known precision in the art and science of string making. D’Addario makes their own, state-of-the-art, computered-controlled string winding machines. They use only the highest quality, environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant materials for both their strings and packaging. D’Addario is the world’s largest string maker, and their products are extremely popular.

The Classics series sets, known for their warm, projecting, and long lasting tone, are offered with clear nylon trebles or rectified nylon trebles, both with silver plated, wound basses. The sets with clear nylon trebles are available in two full size sets (hard and normal tension) and two fractional (½ and ¾), student sets in normal tension. Classics sets, both reliable and inexpensive, are good choices for the student and the professional. The sets with rectified nylon trebles with silver plated basses are offered in moderate, normal, and hard tensions. Rectified nylon trebles are precision ground using a D’Addario’s exclusive, “centerless” grinding technique. This process guarantees accuracy in shape and size, giving a slightly textured feel and precise intonation. “These are the only strings (EJ30) I now use on my classical guitar,” say more than one of our customers.

D’Addario calls its EXP series of micro coated, silver plated wound bass strings with laser selected nylon trebles the “most natural-sounding, longest-lasting coated strings available.” The ultra thin coating is bonded to the silver plated, copper wrap wire before winding on a multi-filament, nylon core. This process give these strings a natural, uncoated feel and tone plus ensuring protection from corrosion and wear and allowing them to last three to four times longer than uncoated strings. They are offered in three tensions - hard, extra hard and normal. Players of EXP strings call their sound “crisp and full with more depth and tone and a nice and smooth feel.” (EXP44)

Classical and flamenco guitarist Adam del Monte uses EXP strings, and has said that "they bring out the character of my instrument". Classical musician John Dearman says, "EXP’s give me perfect sound, feel and intonation".

Flamenco composite wound strings have D’Addario’s exclusive, multifilament core - a unique variation of multifilament strands made of high tech composite material that extends the life and tuning stability of these strings considerably over conventional nylon core, classical strings. These composite basses, available with either black or clear trebles, are known for their supple touch and quick attack response that flamenco music requires. Players have told us that “the basses roar with grit, and the trebles are sweet,” and “are very long lasting.”(EJ25B) Black trebles are known for their slightly mellower tone over clear nylon.

D’Addario’s premium and very popular PRO-ARTE classical strings are available in four series – Pro-Arte, Pro-Arte Composites, Pro-Arte Dynacore and Pro-Arte Lightly Polished. All Pro-Arte trebles - nylon, titanium and composite – have diameter and tension precisely measured by computer-controlled lasers for true sound and intonation in every set. Pro-Arte basses are either silver plated copper or 80/20 bronze wound on a multi-filament, nylon or composite core. The 80/20 bronze wound strings have a brilliance and projection favored by some players. Silver plated copper basses are popular due to the warmth and depth of the copper with the smooth feel of the silver plating.

The eleven original, Pro-Arte sets have either clear or black nylon trebles with silver plated copper or 80/20 bronze basses wound on a nylon, multi filament core. This multi stranded core gives the sound of silk and gut, but makes the string more long lasting and tonally consistent. Black nylon trebles have a somewhat warmer tone than clear nylon. Traditional silver wound basses have a warmer sound than the more brilliant 80/20 bronze wound strings. Players tell us that these strings “seem to hold tune quicker and longer than most and have a clear crisp tone,” (EJ45) and “the sound has great projection, wonderful balance, and string feel is excellent.” Another player speaks of their high quality and stability. “I have played/performed in concert in snow and 104 degree weather. The D'Addario nylon strings are the least affected by temperature and outlast all others for performance and longevity.” (EJ46) A variety of tensions are available.

Many customers like the light tension for guitars with hard to play long scale length and for those with small or not strong hands, and say the beautiful tone is not compromised by the lighter tension. (EJ43)

Pro-Arte Composite sets come with bass strings featuring D’Addario’s exclusive multi filament, stranded core of a new, composite material which significantly increases string longevity, tuning stability and projection. The sets come with three trebles of clear, precisely produced, nylon monofilament, plus an additional third treble of a composite monofilament which can be used for increased brightness and projection. Normal, hard and extra hard tensions are available. A pleased player states, “You can not buy a better set of strings at any price for dependability, projection, articulation or warmth no matter what style or styles of music you play!” (EJ44C) Another exclaims, “Beautiful strings. The sustain is almost overwhelming!” (EJ45C)

The Pro-Arte Dynacore series of three sets (normal, hard and extra hard tensions) contain basses of silver plated, copper wound on D’Addario’s multi filament, stranded composite core. The winding is done with an exclusive, new winding technique that adds three to four times to longevity. The laser sorted trebles are made with bright and projecting titanium. The combination results in what D’Addario calls “a truly unique and contemporary tone…rich, round and full with dramatically improved string life, tuning stability and consistency.” And our customers agree. “This set has a sparkle to them. All the depth and warmth of gut with the sparkle of metal, silver and titanium. Extended frequency response. Great balance of tone across the set. These have become my favorite strings.” (EJ45TT)

Light and semi polished Pro-Arte sets have silver plated, round wound basses that are precisely polished to give a smoother feel and decreased finger noise. Players like them especially for recording. According to a customer, theses basses “stop the squeak sound that most round wound strings get, but still have the bite of a round wound.” (EJ51) Included with the three regular nylon treble strings is a composite, monofilament third string to use for increased projection and the best balance between the set’s trebles and basses. Another customers states, “These are wonderful strings for the performing musician - you can amplify the guitar without annoying string squeaks and still have great tone. They are industrial strength and seem to last longer that any other strings I have tried.” (EJ44LP) Sets are available in normal, hard and extra hard tension in the lightly polished and hard tension in the semi polished.

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