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D'Addario Bass Guitar Single Strings

The D'Addario family, one of the largest string makers in the world, has been an industry leader for generations. We are proud to offer D'Addario bass single strings in several different styles. We have their flat-wound chromes, which provide a warm mellow sound and smooth feel that's recommended for jazz players. Their half-round pure nickel strings have a "broken-in" tone for a vintage sound, while the half-round design is good for slide guitar and helps to reduce finger noise. The Phosphor Bronze Wound strings give a bright, balanced tone for acoustic bass, while their nickel round-wound electric bass strings are available in a wide range of gauges. Our bass single strings by D'Addario include their round-wound strings, with the textured feel that bassists are most familiar with. These are their most popular design. We also offer D'Addario's stainless steel Prism Ultra Bright strings, and their EXP coated strings for long-lasting strings with an uncoated feel. Their special Steinberger bass guitar single strings are round wound with nickel plated steel and have double ball ends, designed to Steinberger's specifications.
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