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D'Addario Banjo Strings

Banjo playing legends, Ralph Stanley and Alison Brown, have relied on D’Addario banjo strings for years for their great sound and reliability. We carry D’Addario’s entire line of banjo strings, including many sets that are hard to find in local stores. Sets are offered for five-string, tenor and Irish banjos. String materials available are nickel, phosphor bronze or stainless steel, in an array of gauges and with loop or ball ends. Tension charts are shown in the description section of each set on our site. As with all D’Addario strings, these banjo sets are made at their facility in New York.

5-string sets have plain steel strings with the fourth wound string either of nickel, phosphor bronze or stainless steel. Choose nickel for a traditional sound, phosphor bronze for warmer tone and stainless steel for more brightness and projection. Stainless steel is usually the most long lasting. Light tension and gauges are more comfortable to play, while heavier ones give more volume and resistance for heavy picking. Various playing and sound qualities can be combined in different ways. For instance, the JS60 set mixes stainless steel with light tension giving a comfortable feel but with a brilliant tone. Or get a warmer sound with a phosphor bronze wound fourth and great projection and pick ability with a heavy tension set. D’Addario’s most popular banjo string set, J61, has an ideal balance of traditional banjo tone and playing tension. The only set offered with ball ends is J69B. All other sets are loop end.

Two banjo sets, Tenor and Irish Tenor, have just four strings with plain steel first and second strings and nickel wound third and fourth. The Irish tenor set has the heavier gauge of the two and is usually tuned in fifths and played with a “plectrum” picking style. The regular Tenor set is tuned C-G-D-A.

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