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D'Addario Bajo Sexto Strings

D'Addario Bajo Quinto Stainless Steel, EJS85
Price: $16.52
Sale: $14.87
D'Addario Bajo Sexto Stainless Steel, EJS86
Price: $22.03
Sale: $19.83
Both bajo sexto and bajo quinto sets are offered by D’Addario. These precision wound, phosphor bronze strings come in 12 strings sets (six courses) and 10 strings sets (five courses) respectively. For the musician who is looking for strings suited to traditional northern Mexican, southern Texan, Tejano music, these strings will give you the mellow sound with great projection and long life that you are looking for. D’Addario has worked in conjunction with musicians worldwide to develop their bajo sexto and bajo quinto strings. You will find that D’Addario’s superior manufacturing techniques and quality control will deliver consistent excellence set after set.

The bajo sexto set is tuned in fourths, E,A,D,G,C, and F (lowest to highest). The bajo quinto set is tuned A,D,G,C and F, also in fourths.
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