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Phosphor Bronze Acoustic

D'Addario Acoustic Guitar 10 Pack Environmental Lite, .012 - .053, EJ16-10P
Price: $71.99
Sale: $53.99
Among the most popular of D’Addario’s acoustic guitar strings are those round wound in phosphor bronze. Slightly warmer than their 80/20 bronze strings, phosphor bronze wound strings have a clear, crisp tone. Made with corrosion resistant metal wrapped on a steel hex core, these strings will impress you with their longevity and superior tonal characteristics. D’Addario was the first to make these strings in the early 1970’s and their popularity was immediate and long lasting.

Included in the wide variety of options available in phosphor bronze from D’Addario are eight 6-string sets in extra light to heavy gauges, plus sets specially gauged for bluegrass, Nashville High tuning and True Medium DADGAD. For ease in playing whether you are a beginner or just someone looking for a lighter touch or a quieter sound, choose the EJ15 set. Hybrid gauges with lighter top and heavier bottoms for a more custom sound and playability are available in the EJ19 and 26 sets. The EJ19 hybrid gauge is often preferred by bluegrass players. To play D’Addario’s most popular, acoustic guitar strings select the EJ16 set with its light gauge, perfectly balancing brightness with comfortable playing. Strings in heavier gauges work well for flat picking, strumming and drop down tuning.

Four of the most popular of D’Addario’s acoustic sets are offered in economical, multi packs containing either three, ten or 25 sets per box. The three and ten packs include complete sets individually sealed. The 25 set bulk box has individual compartments for twenty five of each gauge of string.

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