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EXP Coated Acoustic

D’Addario’s patented, life extending coating is applied to the wrap wire BEFORE it is wound on a steel core. Different than many other coated strings that coat the string after it is wound, this process allows the strings to sound and feel just like uncoated strings, while lasting at least four times longer. Done with machinery developed exclusively in D’Addario’s factory, EXP strings are drawn, micro-coated and laser tested to tolerances within 1/10,000”. You can count on D’Addario EXP strings sounding and feeling the same every time because of this high quality control.

You can choose between ten EXP coated, acoustic sets with either 80/20 bronze or phosphor bronze wraps. Both types come in extra light gauges for easier playing and a quieter sound that are ideal for the beginner and expert alike, light and medium gauges that are best sellers, and hybrid gauges for a custom sound and feel. Bluegrass players will especially like the custom gauges of the EXP14 and EXP 19 sets.

For bulk purchases, D’Addario offers 25 pack boxes containing individual sleeves with 25 strings of each gauge for either the EXP11, EXP12 or EXP16 sets.

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