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D'Addario Strings and Accessories

D'Addario is currently considered the largest manufacturer of strings for musical instruments. They have an in-house acoustics laboratory with musical acousticians on staff.
At JustStrings.com, we carry the entire line of D’Addario strings. D’Addario is one of the largest manufacturers of music strings in the world; they are a family owned business based in Farmingdale, Long Island in New York. The D’Addario family began making strings hundreds of years ago in the town of Salle, in Pescara, Italy. Salle was a center of the Italian gut music string making industry. D’Addario strings were made there for many years until an earthquake in 1905 led Rocco and Carmine D’Addario to emigrate to Queens, New York to bring their string making business to the new world. After Rocco returned to Italy, Carmine (now Charles) D’Addario started his own string making business in 1918. At this time D’Addario was still making gut strings for orchestral instruments like violins. It was not until the 1930’s and the rising popularity of the guitar that the D’Addarios began making guitar strings on a larger scale.

After the Second World War, DuPont sent D’Addario samples of Nylon, which DuPont had invented during the war. Charles was joined by his son, John Sr. and formed C. D’Addario & Son, and together they adapted the new material for making D’Addario strings. Nylon proved more durable and versatile than gut, and is still used in most classical strings today. At the same time, the popularity of the gut or nylon strung classical guitar was waning. The steel string guitar was becoming more and more popular with new audiences. Charles D’Addario did not want to go into a new and uncertain market, so his son John Sr. started a new company to make steel strings: the Archaic Musical String Manufacturing Company. The new company made strings for guitar makers D’Angelico, Gretsch, Guild and Martin, to name a few. In 1962 Charles D’Addario retired, and John D’Addario Sr. merged C. D’Addario & Son and the Archaic Co. together under the Darco name.

With Darco, John D’Addario Sr. made many new innovations in strings making. Darco was among the first to use automated string winding machines, and among the first to make roundwound bass strings. After a time, Darco merged with C.F. Martin & Co. to combine their resources and pursue further innovation in music strings. In 1974, the D’Addario family decided to sell strings under their own name again, and John Sr. and his sons John Jr. and James formed D’Addario & Company, Inc. Today, they are the makers of D’Addario strings, and produce one of the largest lines of strings in the world. D’Addario is committed to environmentally sound raw materials and manufacturing practices. In addition, realizing that an estimated 1.5 million pounds of instrument string metal could be put into landfills every year, they have begun an innovative recycling program. By rewarding customers who recycle their strings and some instruments, D’Addario hopes to greatly decrease the amount of landfill waste.
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