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D'Addario Tenor Guitar 80/20 Bronze, .010 - .032, EJ66

D'Addario Tenor Guitar 80/20 Bronze, .010 - .032, EJ66
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By Robert
Hopewell, NJ
Depends on Your Tuning
August 16, 2019
These strings work beautifully on my tenor with a 23" scale length, tuned CGdg. Those who say that the top string is too heavy may be right if you tune it higher than that.
By Brad R.
D' Addario J66-Tenor Guitar/Bronze strings
October 19, 2015
I have used these, and still do. Great sound. I have a 1934 Kalamazoo KTG-11, and a new Blueridge BR40-T. At first, I had trouble with the A string breaking on my Blueridge, until I discovered that the nut slot was way too tight. A little filing, and no problem at all. And I've never broken a string on my Kal. String choices are really slim for these instruments, but the J66's work and sound great.
By Steven H.
If you tune to CGDA, do not buy
July 23, 2015
Simply put, the .10 gauge A string's too thick. D'Addario has fleeced me of the last cent I'll ever spend on their substandard products.
By Beebopaloobop
Tenor J66
August 14, 2014
These are very good strings for the price but I agree with Dr. Tone Control that the listed tension is wrong for the 1st (A) string. For my old Martin I use 9-14-22-33 and get a very even spread. I use the Thomastik-Infeld individual Bronze (silk wrapped) for even lower tension on the wound (D, G and C) strings. The T-I's however, are very expensive: 4 times the price of the J-66.
By Tone C.
D'Addario strings for Tenor guitar
December 24, 2011
Good, although the tensions quoted here are completely wrong - the top A is the tightest by a mile
By Dino
tenor guitar
February 27, 2011
The strings are great , made better than alot of other so called phospher/bronze alloy. The unwound strings rank very high in quality too. Not to mention fast shipping and very reasonable pricing. I'm a happy picker thanks to your products.
By Daryl
June 10, 2010
This item seems great, and you guys are fast shippers too.

Thanks for asking,
By John S.
J66 Tenor guitar strings
February 18, 2010
These strings are perfect for 23" scale tenor guitar. D'Addario always seem to have the right strings for odd ball instruments.
By Kohrye
Great strings, fast shipping!
October 13, 2009
I abhor Guitar Center and the like. JustStrings.com is the only place to get the strings you need, even obscure ones like these. Plus they're in NH! Love that they're local which makes shipping easy and fast.






1st A

Plain Steel



2nd D

Plain Steel



3rd G

80/20 Bronze Wound



4th C

80/20 Bronze Wound




"D'Addario's banjo sets are available in light and medium gauges, with a nickel-plated wound 4th string. Our bluegrass set is offered with a phosphor bronze-wound 4th string for extra brilliance and sustain. A complete range of mandolin-family strings is available, as well as various string lines for dulcimer, ukulele, tenor guitar, country fiddle, cuatro, oud, and bouzouki. D'Addario prides itself on offering quality strings for every popular stringed instrument available. Unfortunately, economic reasons and a lack of technical information prevent us from carrying stock sets for certain obscure or special instruments. Custom designed and manufactured strings can be made for a reasonable cost, presuming accurate specifications about the instrument can be provided."

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