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D'Addario Double Bass Helicore Pizzicato Light 3/4, HP610-L

D'Addario Double Bass Helicore Pizzicato Light 3/4, HP610-L
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By Paul
Glen Spey, NY
Great strings for pizz!
October 11, 2021
I only play my double bass pizz anymore. These strings work very well. Solid tone, smooth feel, excellent attack. They last for years. My third set, I believe.
By Sid B.
Taos, New Mexico
Easy on the hands, bright tone
January 13, 2021
I'm a 60+ electric bass player who decided to add an upright to my collection for Americana and jazz gigs; I only play pizzicato, no bowing. My new upright was strung with high-tension orchestral strings and they were killing the wrist of my fret hand. Just Strings recommended the D'Addario Double Bass Helicore Pizzicato Lights and they are much easier on my hands! They have a bright metallic tone, at least when brand new, and are surprisingly loud for light-gauge strings. A very good choice.

P.S. If you want to play upright, start early. Don't wait til you're over 60.
Easy on the hands, loud, bright tone. None that I can see.
By Peter K.
Upright Bass Strings, D'Addarrio 610
April 24, 2015
If you play mostly Pizzicato Jazz or Blues you can"t beat these strings for Growl and articulation . The Price is Half of what I use to pay for The Strings I use to use. Honestly, I Guarantee you will never go back if, you want Growl These strings are The Best !
By Dave H.
Helicore HP610 strings
June 25, 2011
An excellent product, my favourite strings.
By Liam M.
July 16, 2010
I purchased the D'Addario Bass Helicore Pizzicato Light 3/4 HP610. I would rate these strings with 4 1/2 stars. When I first played them they had the kind of metalic sound that I associate with new guitar strings. Since I mainly know D'Addario as a maker of guitar strings, I guess this kind of made sense. Now that they've been broken in, the metalic sound has subsided, just as they do with guitar strings. They have excellent sustain, especially the A and E strings. In hind sight, I propably should have purchased the heavy guage strings, since my bass doesn't project very well. The heavier strings might have helped with that. I'll probably try those next time.
By Dave H.
D'Addario Bass Helicore Pizzicato Light 3/4, HP610-L
June 16, 2010
I like these strings very much and have been using them for some years. They are extremely well made and sound great.






1st G

Nickel Wound



2nd D

Nickel Wound



3rd A

Nickel Wound



4th E

Nickel Wound




Helicore Bass

"The standard Helicore bass strings, introduced in 1994, have met with worldwide acclaim. These stranded steel core strings (standard H610 models) provide unprecedented ease of bowing and the warm, natural tone one would expect from a fine gut core string.

In 1996, with the help of D'Addario Musician's Advisory Board members, D'Addario completed development of additional Helicore double bass string varieties. The new strings include the HP series, designed specifically for the bassist who plays pizzicato, HH series, for those who play a broad range of musical styles, and HS series, for solo orchestral work.

The HH series has improved pizzicato sustain over the standard orchestral models, yet still provides excellent bow response for arco passages. The HP series provides even more sustain and "growl" when played pizzicato. The HS series is a solo tuning version (one full step above normal pitch) of the standard orchestral Helicore strings."


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