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D'Addario Violin Helicore Set 4/4 Medium, H310-M

D'Addario Violin Helicore Set 4/4 Medium, H310-M
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By Dennis D.
Coopersburg, PA
violin strings
May 5, 2022
I have always liked D'Addario violin strings. The Helicore Medium offers a smooth, overall tone. My customers always comment on them and like the feel and tone of the D'Addario Helicores also.
and the price is good for students.
smooth tone and light feel not much I can say here.
By Jish
Manistee, MI
Great price
September 13, 2021
So I'm happy.
Bright I'm used to Diamontes, which are darker in tone. I'm not quite used to them yet.
By Bob W.
August 22, 2015
I use D'Addario on most everything, guitars, 4 & 5 string fiddles, mandolin and bouzouki. Helicore medium works best for me although my granddaughter's fiddle (circa 1900) required heavy gauge to deepen the voice. Personally I substitute the Titanium A for the Aluminum A due to a skin chemistry thing that can chew an aluminum string up in 1 1/2 to 2 weeks in the summer. Titanium test string has been on for @ 8 months and has proven its point.
By Rod D.
September 6, 2011
Ditto, Yes I to had the same experience when they first came out! I used fiddle strings before again coming back to these, and like the previous person was saying, you really cant get a better string playability for the price or any price for that matter. You cant go wrong here! I usually match the strings to different violins and have for years, each violin or fiddle has its own strong points, I have gotten to the point where these strings sound good play nice and are easy on the fingers, so there isn't any reason to be trying others on every different violin and I'm up to about 27 or 30 different ones now.
Good Luck and you can't go wrong!
Rodney Deardorff
By Richard C.
D'Addario Helicore Strings
August 6, 2010
Well I have to say I was skeptical at first. I tried these strings once several years ago and was not impressed. Recently at a festival I was playing I broke a "D" on the only fiddle I had brought. The strings I had been using have a good tone but take a day or two to "settle in". A fellow fiddler, no name dropping, suggested Helicores because they have a full bright tone and the settle in very fast. He was right. Good tone, reasonable price, fast settle in and dependable quality. I'm a returning customer. Thanks D'Addario.






1st E

Tinned High Carbon Steel



2nd A

Aluminum Wound



3rd D

Titanium Wound



4th G

Silver Wound





"Helicore strings are crafted with a multi-strand twisted steel core and wound with exotic metals like titanium (used here for the first time in bowed instrument strings). These innovative materials have enabled us to design strings with a very small diameter to provided extremely quick bow response. The application of damping resins under selected windings gives the Helicores a warm, rich sound, quite unlike steel strings of the past. The strings are subtle under the ear, yet carry great projection in large concert halls. Helicores stay in tune especially well due to their cores, and retain a very long playing life. They are available in complete sets or individually for violin, viola, cello and bass."


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