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D'Addario Mandolin Flat Wound, .011 - .036, EFW74

D'Addario Mandolin Flat Wound, .011 - .036, EFW74
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16 Reviews
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By Chris
Orange, CA
Best mandolin string for the price
May 14, 2022
I play a Breedlove mandolin round body and round sound hole. These strings are great for Celtic and classical music as they give a good mid and low end sound and lots of sustain. The flat wound strings are also gentle on the fingers.
Great mid to low end sound Gentle on the fingers Doesn?t give a bright, percussive bluegrass sound if that?s what you are looking for
By Anonymous
My favorite strings.
September 1, 2021
These strings are long lasting, easy on the fingers, and sound great. Easier to slide from fret to fret than bronze and will last 3x as long for me.
By Mike
New York
All my mandolins have these strings on them ......would not use any thing else
August 7, 2021
These strings last a very long time no noise sliding when move up the board.
You can't beat the price compared to the TIs which go for about 4 times the cost.
I have used Tis in the past and the D'Addario EFW74 hold their own.
Juststrings rock very fast delivery !!
Nice even sound across the strings Long lasting Great price none
By James W.
Wellington, Fl
Flat wound strings for a smooth jazz sound!
January 31, 2021
I bought these strings to use on my new custom made June solid-body electric mandolin. This new instrument was made by Walter Johnson. A long time friend and pickin' buddy.

Thanks to Just strings for having a good selection to choose from.
By Dan
North Olmsted, OH
Like buttah
December 4, 2019
Absolutely LOVE these on my national with hot plate pickup and Mandobird VIII!
Smooth like buttah!
By Finch
Charleston SC
Tone might be muted
November 9, 2019
These strings feel great and are gentle for your fingers. Can easily slide up and down the fretboard with no squeaks. They might dull and dampen the tone a little though.
By Tom P.
Barnard VT.
Great sound
November 8, 2019
Nice, warmer sound than regular strings.
By Daniel K.
Love these strings!!!!!
November 10, 2017
I recently got a new mandolin and put these on because what came with were corroded and nasty. I like 'em a lot. They have a great feel and sound good whether I am chording or soloing. And once I dial 'em in, they hold their tune very nicely. I'm done switching from string to string. These are all I plan on using from here on out.
By Joe
D'addario flatwound mandolin
March 31, 2017
They work great and last a long time. Nice warm tone.
By DT D.
DAddario FW 74
October 16, 2014
I am not a bluegrass player.They are flatwound (not like J74)and are almost as good as Thomastik ($48).You can save a lot of money and buy extra single E and A strings.I play folk rock country blues and jazz on a Flatiron A, a Breedlove KO, a Fender mandostrat,and a Godin A8. They all sound great.
By Matt
Great strings at an affordable price
November 9, 2012
I love these strings! I've been playing on J74s and would actually try to avoid changing strings because a new set sounded way too bright to me. These strings sound more mellow and natural to me and I think the sound of the flat wound strings matches the unwound A and E strings much better.
By mark t.
fw 74
July 18, 2011
They sound and feel great.
By Elville
D'addario flatwounds
March 9, 2011
Very nice string--feels terrific of course, and sounds good. Less ring and sustain than bronze, to my ear will make a woody sounding mandolin woodier, but sings a bit more than steel or monel usually do. Wound strings are a little lighter than roundwounds, good attack.
By Douglas
Nice option for FW - Hardly the same as J74's
November 22, 2010
Interesting addition to the flat wound mandolin string market. I have been enjoying the first set so far.

I think the other reviewer as left a review for the wrong strings, as the FW74's could not be much more different from J74's. Plain steel versus phosphor bronze and flat would versus round wound.

Also, these are a cheap way to try flat wounds, compared to TI's at around $30 a set.
By Chris c.
Really, quite different.
November 9, 2010
These strings are really not like the J74 at all. These FW74 are chrome flatwound, meaning they are smooth. The J74 is a bronze roundwound.
By bobby F.
D Addario FW J74 strings
November 8, 2010


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