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D'Addario EXP Coated Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Bronze Medium, .013 - .056, EXP12

D'Addario EXP Coated Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Bronze Medium, .013 - .056, EXP12
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By Stanislove
D'Addario Bronze mediums .013-.056
February 24, 2017
I love the way these strings both have good tonal balance for on-stage performance and good "snap-back" for emphatic fingerpicking. On my dreadnaught they're equally as present as the heavy set (.014-.059) but easier on the fingertips.
By Carmel
D'Addario EXP
March 7, 2012
My parents bought me these for my birthday and they've lasted 2 months now, but I'm not a fan of their tone. I mean sure I can play them, but I'm looking for strings that on the day I'll put them on I'll say ... WOW. Plus, some of the strings change their pitch on the higher frets and the low E strings went out of tune quite easily .
By Robert
D'Addario EXP
June 28, 2011
Better than the Martins I was using. A friend suggested these; a good reference.
By Mischa
D'Addario EXP Coated Acoustic Guitar 80/20 Bronze Medium, .013 - .056, EXP12
June 6, 2011
Before these I was using Elixir. These strings are just as good and a lot less expensive. Use them both in medium and light on different guitars and like 'em both a lot.
By Rick
January 18, 2011
I have use D'Addario string for many years. The EXP's work very well for me. We play Bluegrass and the demand on my strings is tough. Most of the venues we play are outdoors with heat and moisture a big factor. The EXP's never let me down .Order your next box of strings from Just Strings. These folks will take care of you.
By Matt W.
EXP Bronze Med strings
January 8, 2011
Good, long lasting string. The tension is less than the phosphor bronze strings and a little more brightness to the tone as well. This makes the med gauge not such a monster to master.
By Jacob M.
great warmth, clarity
December 7, 2010
I put these on my Jumbo Guild and they sing.
By David M.
Quality Strings!
October 31, 2010
These strings are without a doubt the best strings I've ever played! Paying more for strings does not equate quality, and here you have a great price for what I believe to be the best acoustic guitar string set out there. You will not be disappointed. Playing for 36 years strong... you can't beat D"Addario!
By Roy S.
Great Strings!
September 27, 2010
Unbelievable tone! I am really pleased. Easy to play as well. Along with this, Just Strings is always a pleasure to deal with. Fast, efficient, courteous and I certainly appreciate the personal touch of a business card for service in every shipment. And of course the picks.
By Shakti S.
D'Addario EXP12 strings
September 8, 2010
I am not a musician. I am the business manager for the artist known as Hick'ry Hawkins.

Hick'ry loves these strings and since I do the audio recording I can tell you that these strings make a difference.

As for the company that I buy these strings from (www.juststrings.com) I will say this. This firm is prompt, offers great service and prices and I have had absolutely no problem with JustStrings.com. I love dealing with these folks.
By Chad m.
Best strings ever
November 6, 2009
I am famous for breaking strings! I've tried everything and the G and D simply break after a week. Then I found these strings. I've been using them for two years now and I have yet to break a string.

Love them!!!






1st E

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



3rd G

EXP 80/20 Bronze Round Wound



4th D

EXP 80/20 Bronze Round Wound



5th A

EXP 80/20 Bronze Round Wound



6th E

EXP 80/20 Bronze Round Wound




"We've added our ultra-fine EXP Coating to the 80/20 bronze outer wrap wire to create the brightest, longest lasting acoustic guitar strings on the market." 

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