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D'Addario Electric Bass XL Balanced Tension, .045 - .107, EXL170BT

D'Addario Electric Bass XL Balanced Tension, .045 - .107, EXL170BT
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By Moose S.
Henryville, Indiana
Perfect balance and feel
March 18, 2020
This set is the best set of strings I've ever put on my P-Bass. The feel, balance, and tone are just perfect. Give them a try!
By Linnin
Fabulous Tone
December 7, 2013
Review ~ Enter D'Addario's new 'balanced tension' set of hex core nickel-plated stainless steel EXL170BT roundwounds. The notion of balanced tension is a good one, and D'Addario's execution is one of excellence. String-To-String balance of: volume; tone, and feel is outstanding! Consistancy to the extreme. Winding is uniform and smooth for reduced string screech.

Tone: Full & Highly Textured. One of the very tightest bottom ends I have ever heard in a roundwound. Large. Big. Huge. Vibrant. Aggressive low-mid growl. Fat meaty mids. Visiously snarling high-mids. Soaring highs that are light and airy with crystalline clarity & high definition.

Attack: with a pick = WWIII! Great Slappers. Fine For Finger Plucking

Overview: Well made. Plays in quickly. Holds tune well. Good feel. Excellent full range of tone. No annoying unmusical tin can ringy-zingy wangy-twangy clanky-wanky nonsense.
Perfect Set of Rounds
February 27, 2013
I recently came across this set at a local music store and, on an impulse buy, grabbed two packages. I immediately took off the DR Hi Beams (which were nice, but "floppy") from my Fender Jazz and replaced them with the D'Addario's. String to string response is amazing and they really have a nice "bounce" to them. They also have decent resistance, but aren't stiff. It's nice that D'Addario has listened to the bassists out there who have been clamoring for more balanced sets. Obviously, the company sold these gauges as singles (or in other sets) previously, but it's awesome that we can get them in a dedicated set at such a great price. Highly recommended.
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