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D'Addario Electric Bass Twin Pack XL Environmental Soft Top/Regular Bottom, .045 - .105, EXL165TP

D'Addario Electric Bass Twin Pack XL Environmental Soft Top/Regular Bottom, .045 - .105, EXL165TP
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By Al F.
January 15, 2016
"The" strings finally?
Squire VM Jazz bass with DiMarzio Area J pickups (DP249 set) - The continuing quest for the best strings.

I put a set of these on, over concerns about fret wear with a certain stainless steel string (awesome tone, but my poor frets!). I was surprised that these strings were as bright as the previous strings, maybe because these are fresh ones. They have a really nice tone, and they slap easily, now that I found Fender's setup guide - I was setting the relief too high :) Being nickel wound, they feel really comfortable, and not "sticky" like new steels can be. The 2-pack is good, too, pretty much half price on each set, compared to what some strings cost.
By Steve
October 17, 2010
EXL165 strings
I like the sound that these strings produced, not too muddy or nor tinny. They provide the perfect balance and perfect tone (what everyone strives to achieve). By the way, the "TP" in the suffix means "Twin Pack", so instead of getting one EXL165 string set, you get two.

I contacted Gibson to see which strings they recommended for the Gibson Les Paul Bass and they said they use D'Addario strings exclusively (.045 - .105). They sound excellent and feel right under my fingers. I will continue to purchase this string set for my main bass. After all if Gibson uses them, then you know they're good strings.
By Scott
October 14, 2010
Bass XL Twin Pack
Not my cup of tea on an '08 American Standard Jazz. Replaced the stock Fender taperwound strings with XL's, and am sorry to say I was disappointed. "Where did all the bass go?" The XLs are pretty even all across the frequency spectrum, but unfortunately to my ear that means they sound weak on the bottom end. I play mostly fingerstyle - others may prefer the relative brightness for slapping. I took the XL's off after a week, put on some Chromes, and am much happier.

Excellent price on the twin packs, and GREAT service from JustStrings - ordered on a Monday morning and had the strings in hand on Wednesday (NH to ID in 3 days!).
By John
November 5, 2009
D'Addario Bass Strings
I can always rely on the tone and consistency of D'Addario Bass Strings. Also, Juststrings.com ships them super-fast & at the right price.








1st G

Nickel Round Wound



2nd D

Nickel Round Wound



3rd A

Nickel Round Wound



4th E

Nickel Round Wound




"Popularly priced XL nickel round wound bass strings are wound with the same nickel-plated steel alloy as XL round wound guitar strings. Today's XL string specifications are the culmination of years of experimentation by Jim D'Addario and John D'Addario, Sr. Even now, D'Addario's sound room is crowded with different electric bass guitars for experimentation with different string specifications and for quality tests on string production. The XL series of D'Addario's broadest and largest-selling line of electric bass guitar strings, with 18 different string models offered. Many models are available in both environmental and standard packaging."

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