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D'Addario Electric Guitar Environmental XL Super Lite Plus, .0095 - .044, EXL120PLUS

D'Addario Electric Guitar Environmental XL Super Lite Plus, .0095 - .044, EXL120PLUS
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Pittsburgh P.a.( Penn Hills)
Fantastic Quality
June 22, 2022
This is the perfect balance of guitar strings for the player,who has trouble with bends and worried about breakage.A real good quality set for older players who were raised on playing with 10's-46 set ,but want to go a bit lighter on string ,but not to light.🎸🎸🎸🎸👍👍👍👍
it is a well thought out product,that older guitarist would love.Great balance and tone throughout the set.🎸🎸🎸🎸👍👍👍👍 Well if you really want one con,it's that you should re design the packaging of the strings.It looks very dated.
By Jay R.
February 18, 2022
My Playing improved as soon as I put these on!!
Ted Nugent recommended these so I gave them a try..
I use copper picks also..
All positive none
By Anonymous
August 1, 2021
Great strings!!
Great tone None
By Anonymous
Scottsdale, Az.
Need them quick?
February 5, 2021
Great products and excellent service...
By Don M.
Chalotte, NC
Perfect solution
January 2, 2021
I've been using D'Addario for ages. Sometimes deciding between 9's ans 10's has been hit and miss, but with the addition of 9.5's that problem is over. These work particulary great on Strats, giving a lighter feel but maintaining the tones that I'm looking for.
Feel and tone none
By Brian
Easy on the hands and sound great!
May 1, 2020
Got my strings quickly. I was looking for strings that were lighter than the .010’s that I have been using for years. A recent YouTube video prompted me to try a lighter gage
to tighten up the bass strings sound and be easier to bend. This set works for me.
By Mark W.
Lake Worth, Fla.
Sound and feel great.
September 27, 2019
This set still has enough power for your single coil axes.But plays soft enough for an old man like me.
Priced fairly and last. None
By Frank
Boston, MA
July 23, 2019
I was already a D'Addario string fan when I found out about these 15-20 years ago, have been using them ever since. I even put a little solder on the winding of the unwound strings for my Hamer Phantom customized with a Washburn Wonderbar vibrato. (Whatever happened to those already "reinforced" strings?). But I agree with the other reviews, easier to bend than .010s and less "pingy" than .009s, especially on 25 1/2" scale guitars. Back in the day, I used an .010 set, but changed out the .010 for a .009, usually after breaking the .010, lol. And I'm old, I go back to using Black Diamonds and using a B string for the G string for an unwound G.

Please tell D'Addario not to discontinue them. That always seems to happen to things I like!! And yes, I also request 3 packs and 10 packs. I usually order 10 sets at a time, be nice to get a little discount.
By Bruce
Best strings ever
March 29, 2019
Sound of heavier gauge, play-ability of light gauge.
By David S.
Easy to play
November 4, 2015
I tried these recently and they feel very good. My old hands are getting stiff and I like this gauge.
By Miguel H.
March 25, 2014
Best of both worlds as mentioned below. Bends with ease, but has some meat to it. I Highly recommend these strings for both regular scaled length Gibsons and Fenders.
By Paul
February 14, 2013
Great sounding set - only thing better would be a .015 G string.
By Ed
Great set
September 11, 2011
I recently got a telecaster- I usually use 10s for standard tuning, 11s on a down tuned strat and a Gibson scale guitar.

Given the extra scale length of the tele, I didn't want to go to 10s and lose the bendability close to the nut, but I couldn't make peace with the thin-as-a-thread .009s.

Figured I'd give these a shot, and I'm thrilled with them. You wouldn't think the small increments make a difference, but they do! Next I'm going to try these on a 25" scale Yamaha I've got that 10s always felt a little stiff on. This 1/2 gauge thing is liberating!

If you think these could be for you, they probably are. Give 'em a try. I don't think you'll regret it.
By CW G.
February 17, 2011
Like one of the other reviewers. I was turned on to these by a repair tech. They have the best tone and playability I have found for jazz on archtops. If you haven't' tried these you have to. You'll be hooked.
By Phil H.
Great on a Tele
January 27, 2011
These strings seem to be a "secret". I always thought there were only 2 kinds of strings...one that sounds good, and one that's easy on the hands. These strings accomplish both. They sound great with country, blues, and classic rock. I wish I could buy them in bulk (like 3-packs or 10-packs).
By Russ S.
D'Addario EXL120PLUS Strings.
January 7, 2011
They're all I play and need. Have for 20 something years professionally and beyond.
By Jeffro
September 21, 2010
Great brand, great set of strings...don't waste your time at Guitar Center- they won't have them. Also the .0105 set is awesome and fills a need us pros need!
By Blues-ster
D'Addario EXL-120 Plus .0095 - .044
September 15, 2010
Feel GREAT on my Strat. Not too "bendy" not too "stiff." Great tone and hold up well. I'll never go back to 9's again.
By Paul H.
XL 120+
July 18, 2010
A guitar repairman turned me on to these strings years ago. They go on all of my 25.5 scale guitars. (I use XL 110's on the Gibson and Epiphone.) They allow good bending but don't kill your hands. I am going to experiment with XL 125's on a "Esquire Clone" I'm putting together. Lot's of good choices of great strings.
By Scott C.
April 29, 2010
The EXL120Plus are very good.
By Jeff A.
D'Addario XL Super Lite Plus strings
February 20, 2010
These have become my "go to" strings for almost all of my guitars. I've always found an .009 set to be a little light in the tone and the ability to stay in tune. On the other hand, a .010 was a little stiff and I couldn't feel at ease with them. Of course, split the difference and there's a lot to like about these strings. Highly recommended!
By Happy c.
xl120+ strings
October 5, 2009
Easy bending and great tone! Thats all you need.






1st E

Plain Steel Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Ball End



3rd G

Plain Steel Ball End



4th D

Nickel Round Wound



5th A

Nickel Round Wound



6th E

Nickel Round Wound




XL Nickel Round Wound

"The string of choice for rock musicians worldwide, known for its distinctive bright sound and excellent intonation."

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