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D'Addario Electric Bass Double Ball XL Nickel Wound Soft, .045 - .100, Steinberger, ESXL170

D'Addario Electric Bass Double Ball XL Nickel Wound Soft, .045 - .100, Steinberger, ESXL170
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By Jim G.
Chihuahuan Desert of southeast Arizona
Good Strings; Good Fit
March 7, 2022
I've used these on my 1988 Steinberger XL2 for many years. I prefer nickel roundwound to stainless steel for a richer, less brittle tone. I recently bought a new set to bring this old bass out of retirement for a special party. They sound great, as always. They're just slightly short, even on the old graphite carbon composite bass. I even had to unscrew one of the tuners completely to get it to drop in, then coax it back together, but in the end, they worked out fine. BTW, all the talk about them not fitting newer Steinbergers...these strings fit the following: The graphite carbon composite XL2; The Steinberger Synapse basses; The new (since about 2016 or 17) Steinberger Spirit XT2. By my tape measure, these all take the same length strings, and I've used these on all of them. As to other Steinberger basses or copies by other companies, I can't say.
Rich tone. Good sustain. A great history in quality string making. Short enough to make re-stringing a bit of a challenge, but it can be done with patience.
By Caz
bass strings
July 27, 2011
Super light & bright. As a female bassist I find these strings great!
The service to Australia also efficient & very easy. Much appreciated.
By Rickytoons
Simply the best
August 5, 2010
I have a Steinberger XM-2 (Strat shaped) bass and these are the only strings that will go on her. They have a great ballsy low end, but with a crystal clarity. They ring and thump at the same time. They seem to last a very long time and get better sounding with age. I hesitated changing the last set, but the A string broke and I didn't have a choice. They were an older set of these D'Addario, before they put the colored balls on the bridge end. I was hoping the newer set would sound as good and they sounded great. Very happy with these.






1st G

Nickel Round Wound Double Ball End



2nd D

Nickel Round Wound Double Ball End



3rd A

Nickel Round Wound Double Ball End



4th E

Nickel Round Wound Double Ball End




"Popularly priced XL nickel round wound bass strings are wound with the same nickel-plated steel alloy as XL round wound guitar strings. Today's XL string specifications are the culmination of years of experimentation by Jim D'Addario and John D'Addario, Sr. Even now, D'Addario's sound room is crowded with different electric bass guitars for experimentation with different string specifications and for quality tests on string production. The XL series of D'Addario's broadest and largest-selling line of electric bass guitar strings, with 18 different string models offered. Many models are available in both environmental and standard packaging."

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