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D'Addario Electric Guitar Pure Nickel .010 - .045, EPN110

D'Addario Electric Guitar Pure Nickel .010 - .045, EPN110
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By D M.
Charlotte, NC
long life, great tone
November 18, 2022
I have been playing Pure Nickles for s couple years now. They have always lasted longer than any ither brands that I use, and deliver great tone right to the end. The are working particularly well on my Gretsch G5622T.
Long life Great tone None that I have encountered.
By Robert R.
San Jose CA
Old School Blues Tools
August 17, 2022
Goes a long way towards an old school
sounding set of strings. Try a heavier set with a wound third if you want more authentic but this is a good compromise if you also cover more modern material
100% nickel makes for mellower strings great for taming a black face fender style Amplifier Contemporary players may not appreciate the Old timely tone
By Phil G.
D'Addario Electric Guitar Pure Nickel .010 - .045, EPN110
June 16, 2011
I've always used D'Addario EXL110's on my electric guitars so I was curious to try these my '76 Les Paul. MUCH warmer tone than the EXL110's. If you have a guitar with "vintage" pickups, give these strings a try to get that that classic 60's sound. Go with the EXL110's if you want a brighter, edgier sound.
By Daniel L.
April 12, 2011
Great product - delivery on time,
thanks for the good service.
By Bob M.
D'Addario Pure Nickel .010-.045 EPN110
January 30, 2011
GREAT STRINGS! Just seems to go perfectly with my '58 Les Paul Reissue.
Warm, but not "too warm," brings out that "woody tone" that LP's have been known for. They "feel good," Not too stiff and not too loose, great for "bending."

What's even better than these strings is finding Just Strings. These guys have EVERYTHING, huge variety, the best prices and real fast shipping. Thank you guys! I'll give you a 10 star rating!
By Steve R.
January 22, 2011
The strings are fine.
By Paul M.
D'Addario Electric Guitar Pure Nickel EPN110
October 15, 2010
My '74 Les Paul Deluxe loves these! There is more "nut" on the tone and the softer feel and natural sustain is superb. I have used EXL 110 strings for decades and they have always been dependable, but the Pure Nickel strings are much better. They tamed the ice-pick treble
you get with steel as well. These are the type of strings the pickups in the original electric guitars were designed for, and I can hear & feel it.

If you run your pickups wide open to drive effects, these may not be for you. They have a hair less output than nickel plated steel. But if you go old school, or want to, with just your guitar, amp and a cable, then these will make you smile.
They made me smile!
By Buddy B.
D'addario strings
July 27, 2010
These strings feel great, and sound even better. In my humble opinion they are the best I've ever played.
By Richard B.
D'Addario Electric Guitar pure Nickel
March 22, 2010
Great strings! Especially at this low price.
By Richard B.
D'Addario Electric Guitar pure Nickel
March 22, 2010
Great strings, especially at the price!






1st E

Plain Steel Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Ball End



3rd G

Plain Steel Ball End



4th D

Pure Nickel Round Wound



5th A

Pure Nickel Round Wound



6th E

Pure Nickel Round Wound



D'Addario XL Pure Nickel

Classic electric guitar string tone dates back to the 1950's when pure nickel was the primary alloy used. As the need for brighter tone and higher magnetic strings grew in the 60's, nickelplated steel became the industry standard. D'Addario XL strings feature nickelplated steel, but D'Addario's new XL Pure Nickel strings offer a warmer, vintage tone alternative which many enthusiasts prefer.
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